July 13, 2012

My First Friday's Letters!

Dear James Taylor,
You are officially as cool as I always knew you were... plus some. Wow. Your show last night was absolutely incredible... a truly powerful experience. You had the entire arena as quiet as a night at The Bluebird.  Unbelievable. 

Dear Sonic,
Thank you for being open so late.  An oreo mini-blast after the James Taylor concert was just what the doctor ordered.

Dear Bookclub,
I need 2-3 incriminating childhood photos from all of you. I'll be making the calendar soon... So far Malia has the cover... Speaking of incriminating photos, I had a lunch with my good friend Katye yesterday (we go waaayyy back) and after discussing some photo albums she recently discovered, we got to laughing at how we all thought we were soo hot... when we actually looked like this:

Oh, the glory of hindsight...

Moving on...

Dear Roaches,
Now that you're gone I can finally speak of you.  Our neighborhood was so dry a few weeks back that I found... nevermind.  Too soon.  (Let's just say the problem has been taken care of.)

Dear Readers,
Thanks for all the awesome comments lately. You have made me feel really good :) You are also highly informative and due to my recent request for music suggestions I will be eagerly checking out Switchfoot Vice Versas, Branches, Fleet Foxes, Sade, and a few more this weekend. Thanks guys!! Woohoo!!!

Alright, have a good weekend folks!!!  


PS I'm also over at Rustic Living today.  Have you seen this awesome blog yet?? Check it out.  Ashley's got some serious skills!

Linking up with Friday's Letters for the first time!  How fun!



Allie said...

i just did my first friday's letters too!! haha loved yours!

Chris said...

Yay you linked up! Aren't these so fun! I'm currently packing and found some old pictures last night... what was I thinking with my hair and outfit choices and better yet... how did my mom let me out of the house looking like that? Have such a great weekend!

Danielle said...

Sade is the best, I hope you enjoy her music!

Jessie said...

We just had a sonic open up near us & we are so excited!!

Nicola Purkins said...

Hi! It was my first fridays letters too today, yours was a really lovely read!!
Hope you have a nice weekend :)
Nic x

Brittany Walsh said...

Yay for Fridays Letters! Great job on your first one. I enjoyed it :)

When we lived down south we went to sonic almost every day for a cranberry limeade!

Happy weekend!

Jasmyne said...

Sonic is AMAZING and love the throwback picture! :)

Ms.Vargas said...
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Ms.Vargas said...

I had Sonic's almost everyday (kinda sad) in Oklahoma but I loved every bit of it. Sade is love! seen her in concert & my friend thinks I need to get off her her nuts. Hope you like as muc as I.

Mrs. Osmond said...

Sonic is surer good, good thing they are open late. And I love how you wrote this post. Very cute, creative!

Catherine said...

I love love love James Taylor. So great you got to see him.

Nice blog!

Catherine (your newest follower)
FEST (food, style & travel)