August 16, 2013

Flea Fail and a Moving Mile.

After 6 years, the pup's flea prevention failed me.  FAILED. ME.  Luckily, I think we caught it early enough but still... where there's one live flea there's thousands of eggs... or something like that, right?  The good news is, the dogs have had PERFECT weather to be outside while I fix this debacle. I called the vet this morning and told them about our odd dilemma, "I gave them their (insert brand that is the opposite of Back-Circle) like I do every month and now they have fleas!"The kind woman quickly responded, "Yep. We don't even carry that brand anymore because it's not working for very many dogs anymore. It works for ticks, but for whatever reason it's not killing the fleas and dogs all over the city are getting them." Oh- awesome.  Glad I didn't spend $80 on 3 doses recently. Oh well, point is, today Abi and I went on a hunt for the brand that DOES work, and when we got back with the goods we quickly stuffed those pills into some pastries and gave them to the dogs.  (I was out of cheese and peanut butter- pastries was a fancy choice, but it worked.) And yes, just for prevention's sake I'm in the middle of treating my house too. I've only seen one but it's worth the effort.

On another note, have you seen the new Mumford and Sons video? That's all I'm going to say about that. 

Lastly, my little town has a newspaper. I read it. It is amazing and quaint and informative and today I read about a family in the neighborhood across the street from us who needed to renovate their home for their daughter in a wheelchair.  The community got together to run a 5k to raise funds. 100 people showed up and some people exceeded the 5k and ran 10 miles, some ran 20, and some ran a MARATHON. A MARATHON. According to the paper, "This town takes care of it's own." Wow. Tear streaming down my face as I read that out loud to Sean. I just couldn't get the words out.  So thankful. 

I have much more to tell you... horse back riding, walkers, mexican food, the flood of emails I've gotten regarding Isagenix (can't wait to tell you more about how you can JOIN ME in feeling super awesome and healthy) and my great aunt's autobiography.  Too much to get to at 1:05 in the morning though.  So I'm off to sleep. 

Happy LATE Thursday!
mae mae

August 15, 2013

Because it's fun...

Geez louise it just never gets old.  I dare you not to try some of these moves today.

Just unbelievable.

(It may be 12:21am but I'm still awake- so this is day 14! Woohoo) 

August 13, 2013

Adopted from Africa- a linkup

Today I'm linking up with Adeye, a mom I really look up to and follow from afar :) Her blog No Greater Joy Mom is always encouraging and often looks at what it's like to raise children with special needs. Since our daughter has Cerebral Palsy, Microcephaly and eats with a feeding tube- I connect with her posts and love learning from her perspective. Today she asked families who have adopted from Africa to link up... and so here I am :) If you're here from the link-up, welcome! My husband and I brought our daughter Abiella home from Ghana in October of last year. She is the most amazing light and precious blessing in our lives.  Every day is a new adventure and an absolute GIFT with this incredible child. I am SO BLESSED to call her my daughter.

Can't wait to read through the other blogs who linked up. 

Happy Tuesday!
mae mae

PS: This completes day 13 of the 30 day challenge! We're almost half way through!!

August 12, 2013

Oh Dear 2 Year Old Molars...

You are not fun.  

The end. 

mae mae

August 11, 2013

Yo Mama Raps and Ships her Gas (or something like that.)

I've been a big fan of K-mart ever since I saw a thief run full speed into a glass door while trying to get away.  His 6'5" frame crumpled to the floor like a sack of potatoes. It was astounding. Nobody was hurt except maybe him and his pride, but I mean, I'm still laughing. But now, I'm an even BIGGER fan.  Have you seen their new commercials?? The "I Shipped my Pants" (say that out loud quickly and you'll understand the humor) to the "Big Gas Savings" campaign (again, say it out loud) and now kids rapping on the school bus and a playground circle of "Yo Mama Compliments?!" I mean it can't get any better.  So today I present you with my favorite k-mart ads. Cheers to their marketing team. I seriously want to go buy new school supplies and wear a rockin' tee now.