January 2, 2013

1993 vs. 2013 Resolutions

A few months ago my father found my list of New Years Resolutions from 1993.  It was a glorious find. Here's the list exactly as I wrote it: 

(I was 8 turning 9.)

1)    Stop my habbits.
2)    Be myself.
3)    Spend time with my pets.
4)    Pick up trash, wise electricity, help people.
5)    Wright my friends.
6)    Make good choices.
7)    Try my best.
8)    Be more igreable.
9)    Earn my money.
10)    Be a good sport.

Okay. A few things you should know.  #4 was so important to me that I penned a “Save-the-World-esque” song in my playhouse one day and then proceeded to march all over my working horse farm with my scribbled lyrics in one hand, while dramatically using the other hand to help nail down the perfect melody. (Celine Dion Style.)  I’m certain that someone on that horse farm must still recall seeing a scrawny white girl walking around all by herself, in a tie-dyed shirt, messy ponytail, gym shorts and cowgirl boots, belting phrases like “We are the answer”, “rise up!”, and “take re-spons-ib-illlll-ittttt-yyyyyyyy.” (This was also the year I led my 4th grade class to state in our ‘Robots Made of Recycled Materials’ 4-H competition…We didn't win but we made one hell-uv-a robot with a soda-can body and toilet paper roll arms.  Did I mention I was voted the 4-H secretary and project leader for our class? It was like no big deal.)

Anyhow, 20 years later, I’m still making New Years Resolutions… with only slightly better spelling.

 So, without further adieu, here’s my list for 2013. 

1) Exercise.  At least a little.
2) Get up earlier...before Abiella wakes up.
3) Drink more water, more coffee, and more protein shakes. 
4) Eat more veggies, or as my grandma says, “Eat my greens.”
5) Blog more.  Because I really like doing it.   
6) Work on art more
7) Read more.
8) Go on a date (or many) with my husband. (aka- find a pediatric nurse who is also an awesome babysitter.)
9) Play more with Abiella (not physical therapy, not hauling her around to different appointments, but good-ole-fashioned P.L.A.Y. Time.)
10) Read the Bible more. 

There we go folks.  Simple but good. 

2013… I’m really happy to see ya. 


January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!!!

Cheers to you and yours!


December 30, 2012

On the 3rd week of Christmas...

Wow.  Crazy Holiday Happenings. We’ve been non-stop celebrating Abi’s birthday and now Christmas since I posted 2 weeks ago… AND we’re still smack dab in the middle of it. Celebrations ‘round these parts last a long time… as they should.

The McConnell clan is here taking over the block (like last year) and as I type this, the coffee is brewing and family members are slowly starting to wander in for their morning cup o’ joe… This grand holiday finale (5 days with the McConnell clan) is always one rowdy/awesome way to roll towards the New Year and if we’re lucky, the cops will be called again before everyone heads home J Good times.  Good times.

Anyhow, the last two weeks have been awesome, busy, exciting, relaxing, and crazy.  Two days before Abi’s birthday, my mom’s family had a birthday/Christmas celebration at our house.  They made it very clear before they came that my only job was to open my front door.  I didn’t have to make anything…clean anything… nothing.  So at 11am they all showed up in a van, complete with gifts, chili, awesome sides, apple cider, my grandmother’s sweat tea, and a birthday cake!  We did Abiella’s birthday party and then we celebrated Christmas.  It was awesome. 

The next morning we had a celebration with my dad, stepmom, and little sister.  They showed up bearing birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, and a huge bag of Panera goodness.

Want to know how to make a new mama happy?  Bring her a box full of flavored bagels with 3 tubs of different kinds of cream cheese to munch on throughout the week.  Thanks family!!! What a perfect celebration!

The next day, Sean and I celebrated Abi’s birthday with a small party at the house.  And by small, I mean the three of us.  Me, Abi, and Sean.   It was simple and fun and perfect.

The next day Sean left for the week and Abi and I ventured to a physical therapy appointment, worked on Christmas gifts, totally redecorated our living room (Thanks to my friend, Hannah.  Thanks Hannah!!! – more on that to come) and visited with lots of friends. Over the course of the week I had Abi's prescriptions, items from Walgreens, subs, pizza, gifts and groceries delivered to my house. Good grief I've got some good folks in my life.

A few days later the Christmas festivities geared back up and we’ve been going strong ever since.  My mom came and picked me and Abi up and we drove to the mountain where we were greeted with a fire, a holiday concert special on tv, and delicious beef stew.  Abiella LOVED IT.  From the second we arrived she was smiling… she loved looking around the house, sleeping in her crib, being held by the fire… she was in heaven.

The next day Sean flew into town and met us on the mountain.  We had an amazing Christmas feast, sat by the fire, and enjoyed reeeellllaxxxxiiiinnngggg…. 

When it looks like this outside...

You want it to look like this inside…

And you definitely want to be wearing these.

The next morning we did “Christmas morning” and Abiella loved listening to the presents being opened around her and all the commotion.  She got a million AMAZING presents and so did Sean and I.  My mom really (per usual) outdid herself on the gifts… One of which is a date night out for Sean and I, complete with gift cards to my favorite Mexican restaurant and local ice cream shop… AND a free babysitter.(My mom.)  Considering I haven’t been inside a restaurant since SEPTEMBER this was a HUGE gift. (FYI- in my previous life I ate at restaurants at least 3 times a week.)

Another gift was "the letter"... an amazing gift I will have to save for its very own post...After gifts, we had a Christmas breakfast (including my mama’s homemade biscuits) and then we packed up and hit the road. McConnell’s were in transit and our next holiday sha-bang was about to begin. 

When we got home, Uncle James (as in Abi’s uncle… Sean’s brother) arrived.  It was a great Christmas Eve with the 4 of us. Too much fun. 

The next morning we read the Christmas story and opened Abi's 3 gifts from us...

Then more McConnell’s started arriving… 

and then the next day more arrived… 

and then the next day more arrived…

and we’ve been living up the Christmas goodness ever since.  Mom’s been cooking like crazy… pancakes every morning, spaghetti and meatballs, eggplant lasagna, beef stew, the list goes on… there’s been hours of games played, lots of music, and really, REALLY great gifts.  Including these t-shirts from our grandmother that all say, “Because I’m Abiella’s ____ That’s why” (Fill in the blank with uncle, daddy, mommy, aunt, etc.)  I have to admit, we all opened these shirts at the same time and it took me about 20 minutes to recover.  I just couldn't quit crying.  So much love.

The holidays are still here and I miss them already. Don't you hate that feeling?
Abiella receiving her official stocking made by none other than the one and only Nana Baa. 

In the middle of these days my little sister TURNED 13!!!!!!!! Her birthday gathering got iced-out (crazy weather)  but I CAN’T WAIT to have a good time with her celebrating her awesome self.

Speaking of weather, Abiella got to see her first snow this week…

So cozy and so special.   

Soooooo here I am about to drink my second cup of coffee, Sean’s holding Abi on the couch with Uncle Ben and Crazy Aunt Moo Moo… The Muppets are on TV, the pancakes have been eaten, and life is good.

I’ll take it.

Very thankful.