July 17, 2013

This little light of mine...

A few days ago my grandmother asked if I still needed anything for my new house.  I laughed and told her I only had one lamp in our bedroom and it was about 3.5 inches tall- so small you have to pick it up and hold it over a book in order to read.  Today, she showed up at my door with SEVEN of her personal lamps to choose from, a bucket of KFC, a gallon of her homemade sweet tea, a basket of my favorite snacks (Moon Pies included) and 2 hours worth of playtime with Abi.  I had a fit.  What a way to spend a Wednesday afternoon! Each lamp is amazing and I think I'm keeping all of them :) Also, it must be noted how much Abiella LOVES her "Granny Jean."  After dropping the KFC on the counter, Granny Jean made a beeline for Abi and crawled onto the floor with her. What a gift. Abi really responds to Jean's voice and speaks back when she talks to her. It is so sweet to watch. After kicking, talking quite a bit, smiling a ton, and practicing holding her head up, Abi is now asleep, my grandmother is gone, and I'm going back for my 4th cookie and third glass of tea... Woohoo!!

Cheers to a happy Wednseday :)