February 17, 2012

Book Club Hangover.

I have a book club hangover... not from alcohol... but from laughing so hard, eating way too much finger food, and staying up so late last night. My sides are sore, my mind is tired, and I keep replaying conversations over and over in my head...

Per usual, we hit every topic ranging from incredibly embarrassing to desperately sad, and all the in-between.  I cried from laughing and from being sad for a friend... all in the same 3 minutes...

That's when you know it's been a good book club.

Oh, and the book...

It was AMAZING!  Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close by Jonathan Safran Foer is one of the most interesting books I've ever read. I was really concerned that it would be too sad, but I thoroughly enjoyed every word. Getting inside the head of each character is a whirlwind to say the least, but it leaves you piecing clues together, re-reading sections to make sure you caught even the smallest piece of information, and laughing/crying on every other page... 

Although I'm a major Tom Hanks fan, I'm scared to see the movie because I'm afraid it will ruin the image that is in my head. We'll see... But let's be honest, if other people are going, and there's a 42 oz soda and a large bucket of popcorn on the line... I'll be there.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!  If you've read the book or seen the movie tell me what you think!

mae mae

February 15, 2012

Please tell me you've seen this...

Ellen's done it again. 

My cheeks are sore from smiling so much during this video...
Sophia Grace's passionate prediction of Taylor Swift's dress is one of the best things I've ever seen on TV.


It's sooo, soo good.

Happy Wednesday!


Chocolate, Chicken, and Jameson...

Yesterday, Sean surprised me when I got home with a dozen roses, a massive Hershey's candy bar, Sinatra on the record player, and him whipping up some fantastic chicken parmesan in the kitchen.  It was super tasty and super exciting to be so surprised...

After eating my weight in chicken and pasta, we went to the Jameson show.  WOAH.  The lead singer of this new band is my gorgeous friend, Megan James.  The band is made up of a powerful combo of seasoned professionals and there was no doubt in my mind it would be good... but I didn't know it would be that good.  Dang.  I seriously had chills at one point. 

Rock on Jameson! I'm waiting for the t-shirt!!

Hope you had a good Valentine's!
mae mae

February 14, 2012

It's the Day of Love, Y'all!

7 things to tickle your fancy on this day of love...

1) Look at this painting I found on Whatever.  Don't you think painting something so "orderly" and colorful would be therapeutic?
... I know what I'm doing this weekend....


2) Magazine Hearts?  How silly I was to think garland is only appropriate for Christmas... Cut up those fun magazines, tape the hearts to a piece of twine, and drape away...

3) Here's another way to do garland...

Pinned Image
4) Don't you love this?? If this were mine I would have added chips and salsa, coffee, and Sonic Happy Hour. Wouldn't it be fun to print out a blank copy for your kids, have them color it, and then label what's in their heart??
Could be fun to see how it changes each year.

5) Write YOURSELF a valentine... I dare you.  Come up with 20 things you love about yourself... Confidence is the most attractive quality, right? Grab a scrap piece of paper and remember why you're so awesome.
Pinned Image

6) Put an anonymous note in the mail to someone you love but may not speak to often... Tell them why you think they're cool.  I mean seriously... how cool would that feel?  Unless, of course it appears stalkerish... hmm... word it carefully as to not provoke panic. (i.e. avoid phrases like, "I've been watching you your whole life..." or "you may not realize how much you're noticed..." )

7) You have a sweetheart, you don't have a sweetheart, you're single, you're married, you're smitten, you're heart-broken...whatever your 'sitch' may be... Valentine's Day is for us all because God loved us first and we're all perfect in His eyes.

Pinned Image

So go grab a cherry limeade or eat that extra piece of chocolate and...
Enjoy Your Valentine’s Day!


February 13, 2012

Oh Grammy's...

I’ll be honest.  Normally, I watch musical award shows and leave pretty underwhelmed...but, this year I was impressed.
Perhaps it was the somber yet celebratory tone of tribute in the air, or LL Cool J’s opening prayer, or the fact that so many of my favorite artists were nominated… but whatever it was, the Grammy’s rocked…
Favorite performances include Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (they can’t go wrong in my book…), The Civil Wars (woohoo!!), Bonnie Raitt and Alicia Keys (honest, raw, soulful talent... together??!), Coldplay, Tony Bennet and Carrie Underwood…  And then of course there was the Glen Campbell tribute… The man is simply unbelievable. 
Adele was STUNNING… seriously STUNNING, and Bruno Mars… where do I begin? I’m not a huge fan of his singles, but that performance ROCKED. The throw-back hair and matching outfits, the bright set, the band that participated in the simple but oh-so-cool choreography, that fact that everyone on stage looked like they were having the time of their lives, his “get off your rich asses and let’s have some fun” line, the creative use of that megaphone … all topped off with James Brown dance moves?!?? Geeeezz. I was freaking out.
Lastly, there are no words to describe Jennifer Hudson’s moving tribute to Whitney Houston.  It was such a classy move on the Grammy's part to not introduce Hudson but to have her waiting at the microphone when the memorial video ended. Her performance was controlled, powerful, and absolutely beautiful...a truly stunning tribute.
As far as fashion goes, I’m smitten with blue hair any day…
...seriously smitten...
and if I had to pick a dress that really stood out to me… I'd pick this one.

Fitting but modest, no fear of a boobage malfunction, no need to look down and adjust oneself … it’s my kind of gown.
I have to say though, the most stunning look of the night goes to Adele…

She looked absolutely gorgeous. Plus, her brilliantly British alliteration “rubbish relationship” mixed with her adorable confession of a minor snot issue…all while graciously accepting Best Album of the Year makes her even more fantastic. You go Adele! Thanks for being an incredible example of how a real woman can be so fabulous.
Alright, that’s all I got! Hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did!
mae mae
P.S. I had an awesome weekend with my brother and his girlfriend...it involved cards, good food, and a fantastic afternoon at an arcade.  I'm serious... an arcade.
More on that later...
Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

February 12, 2012

This Precious Child Needs a Family!

Woke up at 4:30 am... checked my phone and found a picture of this precious little girl posted on Facebook.

Victoria has waited TOO LONG for her family.

According to her caregivers, "Victoria is happy and affectionate.  She loves to play with her dolls and pretend to be mommy. She is a very pretty girl."

Please pray for this precious child.

You can learn more about this sweet little girl HERE . Please consider passing this information on.
Victoria deserves a family and should NOT spend another year without one.  Perhaps one of your blog readers or FB friends or twitter followers is her future family!

Spread the word!

Mary Susan