April 24, 2013

Fried Food and Tim Taylor.

I think I may be the only gal in history who goes to a bachelorette weekend with 10 beautiful girls, stays in an amazing cabin, enjoys two nights of relaxation, tears-streaming laughter, good food and drinks, amazing stories outside by the two story fire place every night, and manages to only take one picture. This.

Seriously.  That's all I got.  I mean what does that say about me? Looks like fried corn, mac and cheese, fried okra, and cucumber onion salad know how to make me think, "Oh- I should grab my camera."

And now completely shifting gears, we move in 6 days! What?! That went crazy fast.  I'll give you more details as the time draws closer, but go ahead and get the Green Acres theme song in your head... Girl's going back to her country roots and I'm pretty darn pumped about it.

In fact, let me take you back to those roots for a moment. This is me on my ole horse Tim Taylor.

(Yes, that was his name.  #MajorHomeImprovementFan.) 

I'm not sure what you should be more jealous of- my sweet zebra shirt, my purple sweats, my bangs for miles, or my overall disregard for the combination of the three.

Oh childhood- you served me well. 
Can't wait to be back. 
mae mae