March 22, 2013

Well, Hello There New Friends...

Just look at all of these fabulous new faces!! Many of you are seeing my face pop up in your reader because you want to win the INSANE $1,000 shopping spree!  I can't WAIT to see who wins because I have the awesome job of sending that lucky winner all the gift cards.  I picture myself typing the email while speaking outloud in my best Ed McMahon sweepstakes voice.  If I could show up at the winner's doorstep with a video camera and balloons I would.  Come to think of it... I may have to do that virtually somehow... wheels are turning, wheels are turning...

Anyhow... in hopes that you may decide to stick 'round these parts I figured I should briefly introduce myself. 

My name is Mary Susan but I often go by my nickname Mae. (Or 'Mae Mae' as my little sister calls me.)

This is me last summer when I had blonde hair.  I now have red/brown hair.  It changes often, don't be confused.
I write about everything from being married to a musician, to crazy stories from my past, to my journey as an adoptive mama. And in honor of the fact that I'm a chronic-list maker AND a lover of random facts... (I was definitely the kid who memorized The Guiness Book of World Records each year...) I thought I could introduce myself with a compilation of 10 random facts about me...

Soooo, here we go:

1)  I’m married to a singer/songwriter We’ve been married for 8 years and we live with our two dogs and precious baby girl in a small cottage in Music City.

2) I’m 28… so if you just did the math, then you are correct, we got married shortly after exiting the womb. Getting married young may not be right for everyone but it was exactly right for us :) We had a 70's themed wedding and here we are at our reception.

Just kidding. We had a normal wedding. That's us at Halloween three years ago... Although now that I think about it, a 1970's wedding would have been fun... :)

Moving on...

3)  I used to teach middle school and loved it. I'm taking a break to be a new mama and pursue my doctorate in Education.  Working with middle school kids was a blast though and I hope to get back to it one day in the future.  

4) My husband and I became parents last year! Although we want to have biological kids later, we chose to adopt first and are now the proud parents of our precious baby girl, Abiella.  

5) Abi has some special needs including cerebral palsy and microcephaly. I LOVE talking about what miracle she is and the insane amount of joy she brings into our lives.  I have been SO blessed by the connections I've made with other moms of children with special needs via the internet. Wanna talk feeding tubes, standers, and physical therapy?  Come join the party.  Show me your blog and I'd love to follow your story.  I love sharing our experiences, gaining courage from others and advocating for kids all over the world who need homes. 

 Now onto some true… but less recent (or serious) facts…

6) I once cut my finger off at school, broke my arm riding a mule, and caught a 98 pound halibut all in the same 18 months.  It was an exciting time in a child’s life… oh, and don’t worry, the finger was sewn back on… 

7)  During this time I was also the proud owner of a pair of rabbit teeth… that lived in my mouth.

 Aren't you so jealous??

8) As a child, I had a pet zebra named Zelvis and a deer named Daisy. I'm serious. 

9) When I was 11, through some random strike of fate, I managed to find myself in a gospel video on BET. It was as glorious and random as it sounds. Go see for yourself. 

10) I was a dancer for 12 years and tap was my favorite. If you meet me in real life, ask about my triple time step. It comes out more often than it should. 

So there you go; we're better friends already :)  Now tell me a few things about yourself! I love meeting new bloggers!!   
Oh, and one more thing...

It's Friday!!!! Have a safe and happy weekend!!

mae mae

March 18, 2013

Biggest Shopping Spree EVVVEEERRRR - $1,000 Giveaway

Wooohoooo!!!! Today's the day!!! Spring is FINALLY springing and I've never been more ready to hop into some shorts, throw on some shades and wave a big ole sayonara to Ole Man Winter.  See you next year, old man!   Sooo, to celebrate the changing of seasons and the glorious departure of Cabin-Fever, Maddie and I have been gathering a few of our favorite bloggers to put together this incredible giveaway.

Want a fabulous day to yourself?  (Or with whomever your heart fancies...) Then enter to win the best. day. ever.  Grab some Starbucks, head over to Target, get a new pair of shoes, try on that summer dress, swing on by Pier 1 for some Spring decor, grab some new duds at Anthro, and then end your day on the couch, with your computer, searching for your latest treasures on Etsy.

It's worth writing home about, folks. 

So alas, without any further adieu, I present to you this Spring's $1,000 Giveaway!!!!

Sponsored by these amazing ladies!!

So get to entering folks... somebody's gonna win this! I hope it's you!!