January 4, 2012

~Update on Abiella~

We got an update on Abiella today!! Our social worker visited her at the orphanage recently and reported that she is feeling better and gaining weight.  Praise God!!!

AHH!!!! This does my heart so good I can hardly stand it.  He also took a few photos and OH MY! Her cheeks have filled out quite a bit in the last 3 weeks!  She may even be holding her head up... hard to tell.  Regardless, her cheeks are getting rounder! WOOHOO!


Thank you for your prayers and your support!! Keep 'em coming :)  We want to get this little girl home ASAP!!!

We feel so blessed to have such a positive update!


Mary Susan

January 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Mama!!

Happy Birthday!
(Mom- I know you're laughing at that picture right now)
** Although you can't tell, this picture was taken in the middle of a very unflattering temper tantrum and my mother was seriously tickled at how foul my mood was... Now everytime she sees this pictures she starts to laugh out loud again. It had something to do with my dress.  Rediculous.**
To one of the strongest, most beautifulsmartest, funniest, bravest, wisest women on the planet...
I hope you have a

here's one of my favorite scenes from The Office... and it has to do with birthdays... and my mom loves The Office...so it seemed appropriate.




I haven't spent so many consecutive hours awake since I was a teenager.  After 8 days, 100 games, eating our weight in lobster for James' graduation, a million cups of coffee, a visit from the cops and the fire department, the mysterious disappearance of Lindsay's gift from James (If a betta fish is kept in a drinking mug, it's bound to be poured down the drain by accident right... right? me=1 Gus=0)  homemade Christmas hats, a surprise New Years night when Mrs. Thriftary and Burley's flights were canceled, a dozen drives around town, and a million rendition's of Nativity's audtion scene...

"The pipes. The pipes." (SERIOUSLY. Watch that movie if you haven't already.)

The dreaded day finally came.  6 hours ago the last McConnell hit the road and I sadly closed the door and packed up the holiday decorations.

After taking the Christmas tree out back and starting an overdue load of laundry, I'm back in the easychair, toasting my feet by the fire, and nursing a serious headcold.  (It's so bad I've resorted to the "back home" method of taking shots of apple cider vinegar.  I'll let you know how that goes.)

In the meantime, I'm already missing everyone.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and have enjoyed your first few days of 2012!