July 13, 2012

My First Friday's Letters!

Dear James Taylor,
You are officially as cool as I always knew you were... plus some. Wow. Your show last night was absolutely incredible... a truly powerful experience. You had the entire arena as quiet as a night at The Bluebird.  Unbelievable. 

Dear Sonic,
Thank you for being open so late.  An oreo mini-blast after the James Taylor concert was just what the doctor ordered.

Dear Bookclub,
I need 2-3 incriminating childhood photos from all of you. I'll be making the calendar soon... So far Malia has the cover... Speaking of incriminating photos, I had a lunch with my good friend Katye yesterday (we go waaayyy back) and after discussing some photo albums she recently discovered, we got to laughing at how we all thought we were soo hot... when we actually looked like this:

Oh, the glory of hindsight...

Moving on...

Dear Roaches,
Now that you're gone I can finally speak of you.  Our neighborhood was so dry a few weeks back that I found... nevermind.  Too soon.  (Let's just say the problem has been taken care of.)

Dear Readers,
Thanks for all the awesome comments lately. You have made me feel really good :) You are also highly informative and due to my recent request for music suggestions I will be eagerly checking out Switchfoot Vice Versas, Branches, Fleet Foxes, Sade, and a few more this weekend. Thanks guys!! Woohoo!!!

Alright, have a good weekend folks!!!  


PS I'm also over at Rustic Living today.  Have you seen this awesome blog yet?? Check it out.  Ashley's got some serious skills!

Linking up with Friday's Letters for the first time!  How fun!


July 12, 2012

I'm Obsessed...

I just found this video on YouTube of my husband playing at Dosey Doe, one of my all-time favorite venues in TX.  If I'm not on the road with Sean I like to check YouTube and see clips from the shows. I'm kind of obsessed with my husband's music.  (I was a super fan before we ever dated... just ask my college girlfriends...) Anyhow, this recording is awesome. The sound turned out really clear and I was so glad to find it. (Thank you TaraAshley04).  

Enjoy! -Mae

July 11, 2012

That time I was on BET...

This is gold. Pure gold. 

Many years ago (think 1996) I found myself in one awesome predicament.  A Bebe and Cece Winan’s video was going to be filmed at our farm and for whatever reason, the director told my mom (weeks in advance) that they would love it if there was a kid at the farm willing to be taped going down our zipline.  So, naturally, my mom asked me if I was interested in the role and I proudly accepted.  For weeks I thought about my big break, what my zipline scene would entail, what I would need to wear and how far this little job might take me.  I would walk up to the hill by myself and practice my best zipline posture (back straight, legs lifted high, big smile…)

Well…  the big day finally came and it was better than expected.  Not only did I get to be on my own zipline (on my own farm) in a big fancy music video, but the director also unexpectedly donned my zipline with an assortment of fancy ribbons.  Not too shabby… Then, to top it all off, they asked if I wanted to be a part of a little “touch football” scene.  (My football moves didn’t make it to the video but just know I was having the time of my life running to my spot like a true champ.)  

Months later, I was at my dad’s house, scanning through the tv channels one Sunday morning, when low and behold, I spotted ME on BET.  It was quite unexpected (for a number of reasons) and it was a moment that was branded in my brain forever.  However, as the years passed (16 to be exact) my memory got fuzzy and while I would occasionally mention to Sean and friends “the time I was in a gospel video” nobody had ever seen the video and even I hadn't seen it since 1996.  Well, tonight friends, through a series of short miracles, I managed to find that video… and it is better than I remembered.

Minute 3:34.  You’re welcome.

I have literally not laughed this hard since my grandfather accidentally said the word titties (instead of cities) at dinner one night in '98.  There is quite possibly nothing more random in the world to me, than 11 year old me, zooming down that zipline in the middle of a BeBe and CeCe Winans’ video...  Throw in the ribbons and I’m a mess.

Here are some of the texts that ensued after I sent a copy to my friends. 

Friend 1) “This is the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m seriously crying I’m laughing so hard.”
Ten minutes later… from the same person: “I’m still crying.”

Friend 2) “ Don’t mind me CeCe, I’m just swinging on through.”

Friend 3) Nate is upset you didn't share this when he told you he was on the Jerry Springer show.

And then two friends (separate from one another) put it on their big screens, freeze framed it on minute 3:36 and sent me this picture:

 So there you have it friends, turns out I’m famous. Or as I told my husband tonight, “Some people were just born to shine.”  

July 10, 2012

Hi Friends!

Hi friends (new and old)!! 

Today, I'm over at Adventures of Newlyweds having a ball. Go check it out.  And if you're here from Ashley's, thanks for stopping in! I can't wait to check out all of your awesome blogs :)

Enjoy your Tuesday, folks!

PS.  When I was 11, I somehow managed to find myself in a BeBe and CeCe Winans video. Had you been watching the Gospel Hour, Sunday mornings on BET (back in 1996) you might have spotted me.  After 16 years, I somehow found the video last night. Get excited. Get very excited.  It'll be on this blog in the AM. 

Once Upon a Time...

Once upon a time I had to dress my daughter for court.  I was really nervous, but she was not, and despite my nerves she thought that getting dressed that morning was pretty fun.             

The end.

Mama Mae 

July 9, 2012

Music is my drug of choice.

My house is full of music.  Always.  If I don't hear live music pouring out of the studio (like I am right now), then I'm listening to it on my record player downstairs, if it's not on the record player,  it's on the stereo, and if it's not on the stereo, it's on my handheld radio.  (Yes, I still have one of those.) I even fall asleep every night listening to  music on my headphones... I say all of this to bring me to my next topic: the rebirth of my iTunes account. 

A few months back I erased my entire iTunes library... on purpose. I was at a crossroad. Due to some iTunes rule regarding how many computers can have the same account, (and my total lack of desire to investigate further) I was faced with a decision: never add a single song to my iPod ever again... or erase the entire thing and start over.  I took one glance at my iPod, scrolled through my years of collecting, and in one exhilarating moment hit ERASE.  I watched the bar go from nearly full to completely empty. It was thrilling. (Don't fret, all of the songs I really wanted to keep I still have on CD's .)

Now, I feel like someone's given me a blank canvas and it's amazing. Over the last few weeks I've thoroughly enjoyed going back through our CD collection (remember those?), oohing and awwing over all the awesome album art, and importing my favorite albums into my freshly cleansed iPod library. So far Brandi Carlile, Ani Difranco, Shrek the Musical (don't judge), David Ramirez, Sean McConnell, Jonny Lang, Wade Bowen, Lori McKenna, Patty Griffin,  Zach Maberry and about 20 other amazing artists have made the cut. (Hello, amazing 'shuffle' experience.)  

So, for the next few hours I'll continue to upload these awesome CD's, (I may see Ace of Base  in my immediate future), brew a second pot of coffee, and go visit this guy upstairs when I get a little bored...

Hope you're having a great Monday night!


PS- Who are your favorite artists????