November 14, 2012

Kiss, Surgery, and Midland- Kurgerland?

Don't ask about the blog title... clearly I'm tired.  However, thanks to my wonderful mother, I was able to take a 2 hour nap yesterday AND I've been able to get decent amounts of sleep the past two nights!!! Woohoo!!!  So here's the the anatomy of the title:

Kiss: A song my husband wrote, called "Kiss" is going to be performed on the hit show "Nashville" tonight!  Tune in! Woohoo!! Can't wait to hear it... (PS- It's already available on iTunes...  Jonathan Jackson is singing it and he did a killer job.)

Midland: The song "Kiss" also happens to be on my husband's latest album called "Midland."  This album came out this week and is my favorite to date... which is kind of a big deal, considering I've been a super fan of his before we ever even dated...  That album is available through iTunes and you can go HERE for more details on how to get a physical copy... Here he is performing his version of "Kiss."

Lastly- Abi is having minor surgery tomorrow for a G-tube!!! Woohoo!!!! I've wanted the G-Tube since forever.  It will allow us to feed her liquids and supplemental foods through a tube going directly into her stomach.  This means NO TUBE GOING THROUGH HER NOSE!!! No nasty tape that gets wet and keeps me from washing her face, no worrying about her 16 inch tube getting caught on clothes or a car seat, no worrying it will get caught in her windpipe... No sticking the tube back down her nose when it comes out by accident...  The surgery is supposed to be very simple and virtually pain free.  Many kids get it done as an outpatient procedure but we'll be staying overnight since her situation is a little different. The whole procedure should be eezy-peezy... However, surgery is still surgery so please say a prayer for our little one tomorrow if you think about it...

So there you go... Kurgerland in all its glory.

Hope you're doing well!
mae mae