April 13, 2012

There is something about this that makes me incredibly happy:

polka dots!!
But you know what makes me even happier? Running into NINE of old my students Tuesday morning!!  I'm sure Forever 21 has never been louder. 
ERHS I love and miss you!!

April 10, 2012

In the last 150 hours...

much has happened. In fact, there's been so much to write about that I've been experiencing blogging paralysis. (That thing that happens when so much has happened that you meant to write about, or started writing about and never posted, that you feel you could never make up all those posts and thus choose to not write anything at all.)  Yeesh. But it's 4 in the morning, I've got a few hours on my hands, and I'm ready to write.

So, let me first say that Easter was amazing and I will be posting about it soon.  I didn't go to church (cue the gasps) but I did experience Jesus in a way that I was not anticipating and so very thankful for... In my book of monumental life days, Easter 2012 will forever be sitting pretty far up on the charts. It was a completely unexpected and absolutely awesome day and I will be posting about it soon...

In the meantime, I have a lot to catch you guys up on!  So... here we go (as I typed that my mind immediately followed the words "here we go" with,"one more time, everybody's feelin' fine... here we go now...yes, yes, yes here we go, NSYNC has got the flow")... sorry. Some things will always be a trigger for a good NSYNC breakdown.

60% of you are now going to have that song stuck in your head all day.  You're welcome.

Did I mention it's 4 am and I can't sleep?


First, my friend Danielle rocked my face off last week when she said, “You know when I said I wanted to take you on a girl’s trip before Abiella comes?  Yeah, I'm serious.  Pick a place and a date and I’m there.” Two hours later it was booked.  She's a woman on a mission.

Hello, ocean.  I will be seeing you in less than two weeks.

I am literally so excited about this that I can hardly believe it!! Toes in sand with a fruity beverage of choice with Danielle by my side. YES!!!!
You Rock, D!!
Second,  we're watching the complete Wonder Years series and Winnie Cooper just left Kevin Arnold standing hopelessly heart broken outside the school bus at the Science Museum. She's "met somebody." Oh Wonder Years... why do you hurt so good?

Third, I had book club last week.  Wow.  There are no words.  It was epic on all accounts.  I will not even try to recap b/c there is absolutely zero chance I will give it any form of justice. Thank you ladies!!

(Here's a picture of most of us... This is not from the last week b/c...well... I was too busy stuffing my face with Ash's homemade fried cheese sticks and KP's famous chicken to fuss with my camera...which leads me to my next point...)
I went running today and gave it all I got... music, spandex, everything.  After a quarter of a mile (and that is a generous estimate) I almost threw up. Let me repeat that: After a quarter of a mile I almost threw up (as in gag reflex was starting.) This is a problem. Seems like ole Mae has taken physical activity way too lightly the past few months (read: 10 years).

But look out world, I'm about to download the whole Space Jams CD, so yeah... things are about to change around here. 

Fifth, have you seen the documentary Forks over Knives??  Wow.  I plan on speaking about this at greater length at another time.  So for now, just go watch it... please?? 

Sixth, some exciting things have been going on in our McConnell clan.  My sister wrote about these awesome events HERE.  You should go read it.  (Spoiler alert: It involves my beautiful, wonderful, amazing, spontaneous, fun, exciting, generous sister getting engaged to an equally awesome, off-the-charts-one-of-a-kind-fantastic man, my brother enrolling in school to be a nurse, and my husband getting a song on the new Rascal Flatts record!! Whatup!!!! Exciting things!!) Go read it!  

Lastly, the wait for Abiella's court date is still on, but my heart has had a lot more peace the past few days. So thankful!!

Have a good one,
mae mae