December 13, 2012

'Round these parts...

'Round these parts we're enjoying the Christmas season...

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We're getting ready for Abi's 2nd birthday this Monday!!!! 


... we're going to OT/PT and in a few minutes we'll go to the eye doctor... Just read the packet and it said to prepare for a 2.5 hour visit... Surely this can't be right. We'll see.

We're having lots of fun...

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We're dealing with the unexpected.

Facebook status from Tuesday:

This morning at Occupational Therapy Abi's G-tube site began to bleed... a lot. The therapist called a paramedic. The paramedic came, changed the gauze and then we drove her straight to the hospital (all while she's giggling to Beyonce) We then rush to the 7th floor surgeon's office and have a nurse look at the site- Consensus: It was scar tissue that can easily bleed...other than irritating the skin around it, the actual tissue isn't painful. So we cauterized the tissue, (which does sting apparently...), threw on some "If you're happy and you know it" and then headed back home. Now it's 12:30 and we're finally finishing our morning coffee. Sean just said, "Well that was a good morning." and I nodded, 'yes.' Annndd we weren't being sarcastic. Funny how quickly things change... 2 months ago that episode would have really stressed me out... now I'm ecstatic. Bleeding scar tissue? Psshh... We'll go on with our day now, thank you very much. We've got songs to sing and Christmas specials to watch...

We're gaining constant support and inspiration from other families in similar situations... (Thank you Audrey and Jenni) AND we're feeling VERY BLESSED this morning because our OT found an amazing chair that we can use for FREE until we order our own.  It doubles as a stroller and a chair for inside the house.  It supports Abi in all the right places, allowing her to sit-up, look around, use her arms, and see the world from an upright perspective. Woohoo!!!! Christmas came early! 


Hope you're enjoying the holiday season!