August 10, 2012

Always, Sometimes, Never...

I saw this awesome link-up yesterday with Taylor & Brie  & Ellen I thought it was such a fun prompt I had to give it a shot… so here we go…
Always / Sometimes / Never

I ALWAYS look under my pillow at night to make sure there are no spiders. I’ve done this since I was a kid. I’ve never found one but I still do it every. Single. Time.

I SOMETIMES wear my hair down. But 90% of the time it’s pulled into a bun on the top of my head, in a ponytail, or under a hat. 

I NEVER curl my hair.  I can’t figure out how.  #minortomboyalert.

I ALWAYS have chips and salsa in the house.

I SOMETIMES eat chips and salsa for breakfast. (At least 3 days a week) … I’m eating them for breakfast right now actually.

I NEVER regret eating an entire bag of chips and an entire jar of salsa in one sitting. For some odd reason in my mind it’s classified as “healthy.” #morningsodium

I ALWAYS put a million things in my cart when I’m shopping and then one-by-one I put them all back until I’m left with a small handful of things… my friends and family don’t find this annoying at all.

I SOMETIMES try things on in the store but more often than not, I make a good guess and convince myself I can bring it back if it doesn’t work.  Dressing rooms are such a hassle.

I NEVER miss the days I used to work retail.  Folding clothes and straightening hangers and helping customers sign up for their new credit card… longest days of my life.

I ALWAYS listen to Top 40 when I’m in the car.

I SOMETIMES create entire pop videos in my mind where I’m either the one singing OR one of the more noticeable back-up dancers.

I NEVER picture myself as a famous person being interviewed by Barbara Walters… because that would be weird… and I wouldn’t admit it if I did… so yeah, I never do that. 

Now it's your turn!
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PS- I was honored to be asked to be a part of This Rookie Wife's Passion Posts this week!  You can go check that out HERE.

August 8, 2012

Oldies but Goodies

Full House

Have you watched one of these gems lately?  I still find myself sitting down, laughing out loud at good ole Joey Gladstone, making bets on whether it’s Ashley or Mary Kate, and then changing the channel as soon as the life lesson music comes on.  No need to get serious Full House… no need.

Fanny packs

I’m not sure who decided that fanny packs weren't cool because a fanny pack perfectly combines fashion with function. It should have EVOLVED not DISSOLVED.  By now we should all be walking around with fantastic leather pouches, and have done away with those annoying shoulder straps and hand-held clutches... they're so restrictive.  I’m bringing fanny packs back into my life and I’m going to bedazzle them just to rub it in people’s faces. 
Wow.  Remember the pure joy of your first Walkman?  The satisfying click of putting in the tape, and then pressing the big clunky “PLAY” button… or the squeal of the tape when you hit rewind?  I specifically remember borrowing my dad’s super-cool “SPORT” black/yellow Walkman every time I was asked to vacuum, inserting the Spin Doctors cassette, and singing “little miss, little miss, little miss CAN’T BE WRONG… what’cha gonna do?  Get into another one of these ole rockin’ love songs- OH!” I’d perfect my dance moves and my vibrato while making designs in the carpet.  Thank you, Spin Doctors for making household chores a truly rockin’ experience.
 Crimped Hair
No explanation needed.

What are your old favorites?
mae mae

August 7, 2012

Rascal Flatts making of the video "Come Wake Me Up"

Sean (my husband) co-wrote Rascal Flatts new single "Come Wake Me Up."  So fun to hear the words I heard him writing upstairs on the radio and now in their new video!!  Watch the making of the video on CMT below! 
So cool!!!!!!!!


August 6, 2012

BarreAmped = A Newborn Filly

Oh my stars.  What just happened? I JUST got home from my first ever BarreAmped class and wow; talk about a workout.  For about a year I've been hearing the buzz surrounding these barre classes (combines yoga, pilates, and ballet) and Ashley convinced me to buy a package and join her on the BarreAmped adventure. It definitely lived up to the hype.  I feel energized and refreshed annnnddd my  muscles are in a state of utter shock. Total and utter shock. At the end of class I breathed a major sigh of relief that I had somehow made it through the hour and I laughed at how I may or may not need help getting down the stairs.  Muscles. Shaking.  

As I walked out the door I joked that I looked like a newborn filly trying to walk for the first time, and after finding this video I knew my analogy was 100% correct.

This was how I looked the first 15 minutes after class.  Not kidding.

For the love of everything good make sure you watch 39 seconds to 43 seconds.  I call that an impressive "shuffle back."

Anyhow, Ashley and I laughed the whole way down the stairs as I hung onto the railing for dear life. I hear this is normal the first few classes.  The instructor kept telling us, "Shaking is good! It means your body is changing!"

On the way home I discovered my body wasn't the only thing in shock. I came to a complete stop at a GREEN light on the way home!!  Looks like barreamped made my brain a little mushy too... all that "align this hip with this foot while zipping up your core and breathing on the down beat..." before coffee put my brain on overload. Thankfully the people behind me honked nicely and I made it home safely.  I have two more classes this week... I have yet to decide if this is a wise choice, but I'm looking forward to it!  I heard in an interview once that you leave class feeling energized and refreshed and not drained or exhausted... and that's exactly how I feel (despite my inability to walk normally.) Can't wait for tomorrow!  I think...