June 29, 2012



June 28, 2012


Fire out back...

Netflixing it...

Working with my new best friend: fancy water

Morning coffee in the neighborhood with friends...

Drinking coffee while watching my friend play with her dog...

Discovering that my ice cream was having a major identity crisis... (Look closely)

(Yes, I should have taken it back to the store... but it was 11:00pm and once ice cream is on your brain there's no going back... factory malfunction?  And in case you were wondering, it was cookies 'n cream.)

My dogs at my feet.

Spending my third summer in a row wearing these silly glasses... why do I always lose the sunglasses I actually want to wear?  See ya later aviators.  It was nice knowing you.

Lastly, sweating it out in my 'office' because no matter how hot it is (101 degrees), a porch always trumps the couch. Always.  

P.S. I may have found a camper... I'm kind of freaking out about it.  Please Mr. Man selling it on craigslist... CALL ME BACK!

June 27, 2012

Wish You Had a Personal Stylist??

I few weeks ago I found an amazing blog called Because of Jackie through another favorite blog of mine, Living in Yellow.  Upon discovering Meagan's awesome space on the web, I saw a little line about emailing her if you ever wanted a virtual stylist...you tell her what kind of look you want, and she would find it for you online.  Boom. Sounded like an amazing idea.

If you know me in real life, you know I don't go shopping very often, never go to the mall, and my wardrobe rarely ventures beyond jeans and a t-shirt.  Don't get me wrong, I love fashion, but I hate the work it takes to get there... plus, pairing the right shoes with the right accessories with the right dress just isn't my strong-suit.  Having someone do that for me without ever stepping foot in a mall, sounded amazing.  So... I emailed her and she quickly responded with a few questions about my style, celebrity looks I appreciate, favorite stores, etc... Within a few days I had a document in my inbox complete with numerous outfits she thought I would enjoy, including awesome options for shoes and accessories.  Looking through the items she had personally picked out for me was so much fun.  Not only were the outfits AMAZING but they were all within the price range I had mentioned, AND she had included links so I could order it right then and there.  Incredible!!

Since then, Meagan has added a complete Styling Section to her blog.  If you have an event coming up or simply want to spice up your closet you should SERIOUSLY contact Meagan.  She's super talented, amazing to work with, and it's pretty darn awesome having a personal stylist.  (Celebrities, I officially envy you now.)

Go check out Meagan's blog and tell her I sent you :)

P.S. I was not compensated for this post in any way.  I just love what Meagan did and want you to have the same awesome experience.  Happy styling :)

June 26, 2012

Losing Teeth

Remember when losing teeth was the best thing ever?

I saw this picture the other day and I was reminded of how great it was to be toothless.

Now, it's my worst nightmare.  I literally have dreams about losing my teeth. (I hear that's common?)Too bad that part of life isn't cyclical.  If it was, you would lose your first tooth as an elderly woman and be like, "Honey! Look!  How exciting is this?!" Then you would show your recently lost tooth to all your friends and family, take pictures with your newly altered smile, and then eagerly put the tooth under your pillow that night... It would be awesome.

 Actually... now that I think about it... I can say with 100% certainty, the day I lose my first adult tooth Sean will put money under my pillow.. and then he'll double over laughing when I find it in the morning.  And then I'll laugh b/c I'll realize that losing teeth isn't that big of a deal, and then as I laugh I'll show the glory of a missing spot in my mouth and we'll laugh even harder.  Now, I'm actually kind of looking forward to losing teeth.  Maybe life's more cyclical than I thought.

(That "deep thought" brought to you by today's 3rd caffeinated beverage.)


June 25, 2012


I managed to stay up until sunrise twice this weekend. What-up!? (I’ve been watching a lot of How I Met Your Mother lately…so I just envisioned Barney giving me a high-five…) Anyhow, one of our dearest friends was back in town (he moved away a year ago) and on Friday, his sister (my friend Megan) hosted a legendary event in his honor.  And in typical mae mae fashion I didn’t get a single picture from the night… except this one:

(In my defense, how does one remember to pull out their camera when they’re concentrating all their efforts on willing one’s body to maintain bladder control… 8 hours of crippling laughter just isn't natural. ...Double thanks to Malia’s childhood photo...)

Saturday night our friend came over to see videos and photos of Abiella and catch up, and before I knew it, the sun was almost up again…Good times and good people...very thankful.

And because I hate taking pictures of myself… (but I told you I’d upload a photo of my haircut) I have sprinkled the self-portrait awkwardness into a collage of random photos from this weekend.  See how sly I am??

 If you’re thinking of doing something new with your look… just do it.  Having a change feels pretty darn good.  
I love it.
mae mae