June 26, 2012

Losing Teeth

Remember when losing teeth was the best thing ever?

I saw this picture the other day and I was reminded of how great it was to be toothless.

Now, it's my worst nightmare.  I literally have dreams about losing my teeth. (I hear that's common?)Too bad that part of life isn't cyclical.  If it was, you would lose your first tooth as an elderly woman and be like, "Honey! Look!  How exciting is this?!" Then you would show your recently lost tooth to all your friends and family, take pictures with your newly altered smile, and then eagerly put the tooth under your pillow that night... It would be awesome.

 Actually... now that I think about it... I can say with 100% certainty, the day I lose my first adult tooth Sean will put money under my pillow.. and then he'll double over laughing when I find it in the morning.  And then I'll laugh b/c I'll realize that losing teeth isn't that big of a deal, and then as I laugh I'll show the glory of a missing spot in my mouth and we'll laugh even harder.  Now, I'm actually kind of looking forward to losing teeth.  Maybe life's more cyclical than I thought.

(That "deep thought" brought to you by today's 3rd caffeinated beverage.)



Danielle said...

this just made my day. I freakin' love you.

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh, I'm dying. It's so funny, 'cuz it's true!!!

Allyson Butler said...

So funny! I wish losing teeth was still cool...it terrifies me to my very core!

Sara said...

Can this go in our bookclub calendar? :)

Little Lady said...

LOL! Yup -- I remember the days of being psyched at losing a tooth or gaining a new scar....I miss them in a way!


Mimi said...

Ha! I'm so terrified of losing teeth, i think we all have those dreams sometimes where they crumble or fall out...in mine i keep losing them and trying to spit them out!

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