June 25, 2012


I managed to stay up until sunrise twice this weekend. What-up!? (I’ve been watching a lot of How I Met Your Mother lately…so I just envisioned Barney giving me a high-five…) Anyhow, one of our dearest friends was back in town (he moved away a year ago) and on Friday, his sister (my friend Megan) hosted a legendary event in his honor.  And in typical mae mae fashion I didn’t get a single picture from the night… except this one:

(In my defense, how does one remember to pull out their camera when they’re concentrating all their efforts on willing one’s body to maintain bladder control… 8 hours of crippling laughter just isn't natural. ...Double thanks to Malia’s childhood photo...)

Saturday night our friend came over to see videos and photos of Abiella and catch up, and before I knew it, the sun was almost up again…Good times and good people...very thankful.

And because I hate taking pictures of myself… (but I told you I’d upload a photo of my haircut) I have sprinkled the self-portrait awkwardness into a collage of random photos from this weekend.  See how sly I am??

 If you’re thinking of doing something new with your look… just do it.  Having a change feels pretty darn good.  
I love it.
mae mae


Meagan Murtagh said...

you hair cut is HOT!
so sleek and chic.
work it!!


Annabelle said...

Love your hair! Did you go more blonde?

Jordan Jaked said...

your hair is lovely. i wish i could go blonde. it'd be awful.

you did inspire me, however, to go get the bangs i've been wanting. i usually love when i get bangs cut, but i was debating over whether i'd be worth it this time. :)

Jordan Jaked said...

P.S. I was just reading your about me!! Your hubby has a concert in my town in August! So coooool :)

Allyson Butler said...

Love the hair cut!

Kasey March said...

That haircut rocks! I've been thinking of cutting mine off too, but I'm afraid to eliminate the ponytail option this summer.

bethanylutz said...

I'm happy to see you are super blonde again.