January 24, 2014

Triple Time Steps and Doctors Appointments

Today I went to the pediatrician with Abi and upon minute 50 of our wait-time my fatigue got the best of me and without thinking I went into my "must-stay-awake" default mode- Otherwise known as Tap Dancing. Abi was only half as impressed as I was. Turns out I've still got a pretty decent shuffle back, which paired with "Wheels on the Bus" playing through my phone speakers... I mean I had a pretty good thing going on.

And no, I didn't get a pic of me actually doing it. There's not a whole lot more awkward than a mom tap dancing in her child's doctor's office, WHILE TAKING A SELFIE, as her daughter watches beside only slightly impressed. So no. No pic. But as I pivoted and triple time stepped my way around the table Abi lay on, I kept a keen lookout and was about 70%  sure I could stop my wings midway if I saw an incoming guest... I did resolve to the fact that I would probably have to explain the noise. It was a risk worth taking.

Happy Friday friends. 
mae mae