April 11, 2013


Woah.  Where the heck has the time gone?  I've been in a time warp of feeding tubes, house hunting, house selling, house packing, taxes, feeding changes, doctor's appointments, new equipment for Abi, home inspections, transferring half of Abi's therapies to a different county... And now somehow I'm looking at the calendar and realizing weeks have passed and I've been neglecting this little ole blog of mine.
Busy Busy Busy!
The truth is though, I love coming here.  I love writing, I love reading, I love the blogging community and I get a lot out of it.  So I'm looking forward to things settling a bit and carving out more time for writing/reading.  Hopefully, the move will be done in two and a half weeks. (I can't wait to tell you about our new place!) Home inspection repairs have begun, papers upon papers have been scanned and submitted, and after a whirlwind of documents floating around my world, I'm over half way done with the "hard stuff" and in 24 hours I will be leaving for a girls weekend away.  AHH!!!!!!

Yep, somehow in the midst of the craziness, I will be getting away with 10 of my girlfriends for a relaxing/crazy weekend celebrating one of our dear friends, post-wedding, bachelorette style.  I plan on taking really long showers, eating way too much pizza dip (Malia, please bring some. I'm begging you.) sleeping in, wearing headphones to bed and not worrying about not hearing a crying babe, partaking in beverages of choice by the outside fire-pit, and maybe even going on a hike, all while spending time with 10 of my favorite gals.  I mean, I'm kind of freaking out. Oh deep breath, I'll see you in 48 hours.

In the meantime, I'd like to share with you one of my blogging buddy's latest joys. Shelby has a 30 year old sister with special needs who recently received one of her greatest dreams, a trip to Disneyland.

Go HERE and watch the amazing video that so sweetly captures that moment. (PS when you see Donny Osmond, that is Shelby's father in-law.  It will make more sense when you read her post.) It's such a beautiful video and I LOVED watching it, especially the part with Shelby and her sister in the plane together.  So awesome.

Alright, friends, have a good one!