July 10, 2013

Back to writing.

Wow. I have not stepped onto this space in quite some time and it feels good to be back.  It also felt good to be gone J I have been busy trying to do life away from the screens (or at least some of them-DVR still has my heart. Hellllooo American Pickers and Junk Gypsies!)  and paying more attention to the stuff IN FRONT of my face. Less computer time = more just staring at a field and sipping coffee time-  which is where my vote has gone to as of late.  Also, the joys of discovering a new community have been amazing.  New restaurants, new grocery stores, new salons, new antique shops, new wineries, new take out, new order-in, new, new, new.  And yet, because I grew up a few miles down the road it also feels old, old, old. And THAT is comforting. In addition to exploring our town’s venues, we’ve also been exploring different options for Abi’s physical/occupational/feeding/speech therapies in this county.  We are still moving and shifting and getting settled into a new schedule with new therapists and new facilities but overall it has been AMAZING. We feel SO BLESSED to live in a place that offers so many incredible opportunities for our daughter.

It should also be mentioned that we have had an insane amount of friends and family grace us with their presence over the last few weeks.  Since moving here we have had nearly 15 overnight guests, some staying up to a week, some coming and going more frequently for just a night or two at a time.   It has been a blast. We've had moms, siblings, friends, and even their pets come visit.  9 of these amazing folks are from different states! Including two friends who arrived via bus (So fun) and Sean’s brother and his girlfriend who snuck in at 3 in the morning to surprise Sean. The next morning while Sean was drinking his coffee in front of the tv James walked down the stairs stretching casually and said “Morning.” The look on Sean’s face was hilarious.  He had been up all night with Abiella and the fact that I managed to sneak those two in without Sean hearing was a pretty impressive feat.  

I’ve also been gardening (we’ve got zucchini and cucumbers and tomatoes coming in as I type), I’ve been learning to cook what I’ve grown, I’m reading more, taking more baths, walking more, and attempting to be a little more intentional with my time.  And now I’m ready to fit blogging back into that space.

Also, it should be noted (in case you follow me on FB or IG and saw the last few posts) that we had to take Abiella to the children’s hospital Friday night via ambulance. Seizures.  We then spent many hours in the ER, 2 nights in ICU and one night on the 8th floor. There were some very scary hours and some truly miraculous moments too.  Eventually I will write about them, I think, but in the meantime let’s all focus on the fact that we are AT HOME, SAFE, HAPPY, and back to normal- but better.  Sometimes an emergency is a total RESET button on your life.  The smiles are sweeter, the laughs delight you even more than they did (if that’s possible) and the “normal” things in life are no longer “normal.” They are GIFTS.  That’s where we are.  In the miraculous “normal” of life and I’m thankful.

Welcome back friends.  
mae mae