June 22, 2012

Caffeine, Crafts, and BS

This is my friend Brittany, otherwise known as BS (that's her initials.) 

Brittany is one of the most talented and generous ladies I know. Last year she made me this for my birthday:

I mean pure talent.  
Yes, that's a chalkboard globe, and yes I have now drawn all over it with little airplanes flying from America to Ghana, dates of when we met Abiella, and stick figures of our new family of three. Absolutely amazing. 

BS is a an unbelievable crafter, artist, and master of all things cool.  Today she is hosting the mother of all giveaways

a $10 gift card to Starbucks and a $25 gift card to Hobby Lobby!!!

Think of all the crafting you could get done with $25 to spend and large doses of caffeine to consume. What an awesome way to spend a hot summer day!

So....you should stop reading this and go enter!!!!!!!!  I hope I win, but if you win, please tell me what you get.  
I'll live vicariously through you :)

Good Luck!


p.s. I chopped 8 inches off my hair yesterday.  It's light weight and easy and I'm loving it.  
Pictures to come on Monday (if I can get the gumption to take a photo of myself...I'm so awkward in front of a camera... How do you do it fashion bloggers?? How do you do it?)

Love Y'all!

June 21, 2012

A Few Recent Pictures...Just Because...

My view from my the recliner...

A dog that's very happy I'm back...

Amazing women in the great state of Texas gathered an unbelievable amount of ADORABLE baby clothes, books, and toys for Miss Abiella.  Talk about an awesome surprise!! 
I am so touched!! Thank You, Jessica!!!!!!!!!!

(Apparently I have some super generous and creative people in my life... more on that later.)
Someone's super jealous she doesn't get to wear this outfit... look closely.

Hello favorite mug.  You win my heart again and again everyday. 

My new summer drink... Raspberries, Lemons and ice cold H2O. It happened by accident because I had some lemons and raspberries that were about to go bad and needed to be used.  It's so refreshing my entire grocery budget will now be going to dressing up my water...

 Lastly, a view from my office... Also known as my screened-in-porch.

Enjoy your lovely Thursday friends,
Mae Mae

P.S. All the toys you guys listed in my last post are genius:  polly pocket, barbies, fraggle rock, easy bake oven, slammer (for pogs... YESS! How did I forget about slammers??!?), pound puppies, Lite Brite, Rainbow Brite... YESSSSS...  You guys are brilliant.

June 20, 2012


Being married to a nostalgic man definitely has its perks.  We have awesome family pictures from the 80’s, we have a big box of fun childhood memorabilia, AND we are the proud owners of an insanely awesome 1980's Ninja Turtle Trunk (Thanks James!) 

Fortunately, when my husband is with his brother, the nostalgia in the atmosphere doubles and hours of classic movies, endless quotes from Sandlot, and hilarious parodies of “Reading Rainbow” commence. So last year, when the two spent 39 hours traveling in a hot van together, I wasn’t surprised when the postman arrived at my door with a large box. I immediately texted Sean and told him about the mysterious package from North Dakota.  He wrote back, “Hmm… not expecting anything.”  Then approximately 2 seconds after that, I got another text that read, “Donatello?!!?”  I carefully cut open the packaging, and sure enough, there he was staring back at me. 

Apparently, somewhere between Amarillo and Corpus Christie, they decided to bid on this, and since nobody else wanted it as badly as them, it now lives in our home.  When he got home, he ooohed and awwed over the toy, while I did the Egyptian walk and sang the ninja turtle theme song in the kitchen. It’s the little things that make a marriage work, right?

After seeing how happy he was and wanting some of that kid-like-joy for myself, I began toying with the idea of purchasing some pogs, a few My Little Ponies (preferably the ones with a lavender/white mane), and a trampoline.  While I quickly talked myself out of the first two, I’m kind of stuck on the trampoline.  I mean wouldn’t it be fun to bounce your cares away?  Have your morning coffee and then bounce for ten minutes and get your head in the game? On second thought, that sounds like a pretty disastrous laxative.  Maybe I'll get an inflatable 3 foot pool instead and just float all summer long... decisions, decisions. 

What childhood toy would you get if given the chance??

June 19, 2012

Sending love to Calvin and his Mama

Sometimes on blog world you find somebody you really “connect” with. You follow their blog closely, you devour every post, you look forward to the next... You may even click through their archives to see what you missed before you "knew" them. The author may never know your name, but somehow their journey resonates with yours and you find it encouraging/comforting/interesting/entertaining to follow their words and invest in their story. Flower Patch Farmgirl is one of those people for me. A few months back, one of my blog friends sent me an email with a link to Flower Patch Farmgirl’s blog. She said, “I think you might like this.” She was so right.

Flower Patch Farmgirl is real and honest and hilarious and risks criticism for the sake of saying what she thinks. I have followed her blog as she has talked about adopting her beautiful children to giving up her perfect farmhouse to fun road trips to decorating and now to this.

Please go read THIS post. It will explain itself. 

To Calvin and his Mama: we are doing what we can to help and according to your readers, 36 is looking pretty darn good on you.


June 18, 2012

Happy 1st Father's Day Sean!

Sean, there's no way I could possibly fit everything I want to say about you in this post. Plus, I'd lose all my readers because some super gushy displays of affection are just too much for a third party to take... (kind of like Barefoot Contessa's constant reference to her husband Jeffrey... it's just too much...) But seriously, 8 years ago, I woke up to a knock at my door and when I answered, it was you... standing there with 100 crunch bars, a dozen roses, and a bag full of groceries to make me breakfast. Chocolate and pancakes... I was impressed. Very impressed. Today, you do the same amazing stuff... you defend my honor at honky tonks, you get my name tattooed on your derrier, you'll leave the house at 11:00 pm if I mention the words, "I wish I had a Dr. Pepper", you make me homemade mozzerella sticks when I tearfully mumble to myself, "If only I had cheese sticks..."

Most importantly though, you love our tiny family with a fierce and constant love. You have fought for our precious Abiella again and again... You left the hotel at crazy hours to go find her hot, freshly made porridge.  You calmed her down and let her sleep on your stomach when she was wide awake and unaware of her very new surroundings...

You rubbed my back and poured water down my throat as I held Abiella in a very hot and incredibly packed hospital waiting room. When I was scared of court, you told me, "You're going to do great. I promise."

The first time we realized Abiella could move her legs, they were pushing off of YOUR legs. When we realized she could move her neck up and down she was straining to look at YOU. When you pat her back, she looks like there's never been a more precious moment in her entire life.

She's Daddy's little girl, through and through. You're an amazing father.  It's in your veins, it's who you are, and it's the greatest honor of my life to be a wife and parent by your side.

We Love you!!

Happy Father's Day!