October 7, 2011

Your Honest Answers

 Last week I wrote a post with 10 honest things about me.  You can find that post HERE.  I encouraged you to send me honest things about yourself, with the intention of posting them in today's blog.  Well, you sent them, and I'm publishing them. I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge!  Thanks for contributing! (All names have been changed to protect the innocent.)


"A few years back I was on a ski trip to New Mexico with my family. My brother, my boyfriend (at the time), and I decided to take a little day trip to a more advanced mountain a few hours away. My brother was driving, my boyfriend was in the passenger seat, and I was sitting groggily in the backseat contemplating life and seriously wondering why I'd agreed to wake up extra early on my vacation day.  I began thinking about how excited I was to be in New Mexico for the first time. Without any additional thought, I opened my mouth and the following dialogue ensued: 

(silent car)
Me: "You know guys...New Mexico has all these mountains..."
Guys: (Nod)
Me: "I mean, I dunno', it's just surprising I guess."
My brother: "What? We are here to ski, Katie. That involves mountains."
Me (being completely serious): "Yea, but I guess I just always expected New Mexico to look a lot like old Mexico, except, you know...newer."

Both guys proceeded to turn around slowly, and look at me and say "are you kidding me?!" while dying laughing." - Katie

"I seriously worry my home is going to burn down almost EVERY SINGLE time I leave the house." - Sally

"I once made my grandma's famous fried chicken for my entire family and didn't defrost the chicken before I fried it. Yea....We ordered in." - Debbie

"When I was a kid someone told me bees can get into your soda can and sting you.  The only way to prevent this is to blow into your can.  If a bee is in there it will fly out.  Today (as an adult) I blow into my can between every sip if I'm outdoors drinking out of a can." - Leanne

"I can't parallel park and today when my poor attempt was being witnessed by a group of by-standers, I got embarrassed, pretended I got a phone call, made a face like 'Something has happened and I HAVE to go' and then pulled away." - Jeanna

"I once sat in the kitchen for an hour attempting to crush peppercorns with my fingers, hands, and a knife because a recipe called for "crushed peppercorns". My mom walked in - I complained about my fingers hurting from attempting to crush the peppcorns...she stopped, looked at me and said 'Tamera...Do you have a pepper grinder?!'" - Tamera

"When I was about 7 or so I was a ridiculous, obsessed Patsy Cline fan. (not a lot has changed) My parents owned a Christmas store in one of the biggest malls in Dallas. I snuck out of the store one day as they were setting up for the opening wearing a tree skirt wrapped around me, poodle-skirt style. I walked into the middle of the mall and decided to entertain shoppers with a rounding rendition of "Walking After Midnight", along with a slue of her other songs. My parents were equally irritated and impressed." - Susie. 

"I cry every time I watch "The Notebook", "Homeward Bound", and "King Kong" without fail.  I can't deal with animals dying and old people being sad." - Ashley

"Three Biggest Fears?
-Never finding the person I'm supposed to be with
-Losing my parents
-Feeling restless my entire life

Three Things I"m Most Excited About?
-Getting married to someone I'm crazy about
-Having a family with said person
-Taking care of my folks and watching them enjoy their "Golden Years" together" - Annie

Thanks for writing in everybody!
I loved reading your entries.  
I hope to do this again soon b/c it was so much fun!

Enjoy your Friday and I'll see you Monday!

October 6, 2011

Feeling Artsy

I woke up yesterday morning at 2 am with a stomach ache.  Unable to go back to sleep, I pulled out my laptop and started surfing.  Through a series of random clicks and interweb-wandering I found Christy Tomlinson.  

Christy is an artist from Idaho. 
She makes beautiful creations like this:

and this:

and this:

The best part is that she puts tutorials on Youtube AND she hosts online art workshops.
 (I really want to take her 3-week art class.) 
She also has a new online tv show I'm looking forward to called Art.Redefined.

Watching her tutorials got me super excited to pull out all my old paint and canvases and see what happens. 
Kind of glad I had a stomach ache now.

You can learn more about Christy's life and art at her blog HERE. 

mae mae

October 5, 2011

It's Calling Me

I looked at a calendar today, and with the exception of a beautiful, snowy Christmas on the beach in Charleston,  I haven't been to the ocean in 1 year, 2 months, and 11 days.  

 In 2010, I went to the beach 3 times.

Once with these amazing MTSU ladies:

Once with my mom:

and once with these crazy people:

The beach gives you the freedom to do things you wouldn't otherwise do.

Take a baby doll apart and create a character named, "Man Baby"

Spontaneously hold hands and run into the ocean...
(Yes, those are grown men with real jobs.)

Dance your heart out to songs like "Rocky Top" and "Ice Ice Baby"

Practice your best "Dirty Dancing" moves

Eat two orders of Whataburger Fries:

And sing your favorite Michael Bolton song to an attentive audience of pool-side loungers

This is me at the beach:

This is me last Saturday night... writing 2 papers

I wasn't as bummed as I look...I swear. If anything, I was sad my hot cocoa was gone. Regardless, all I'm saying is the beach is basically the best place ever and if I could, I would live there, and have all of my friends and family visit every weekend.
Actually, that's not true because I love Tennessee more, but I need to visit.
It's Calling Me.

Until then, I'll watch Saved By the Bell's Malibu episode, use Banana Boat sun screen as my daily moisturizer, and pretend I'm "sun-kissed" by wearing way too much bronzer :) If you see me in person, don't look at my arms... they'll be 10 shades lighter than my face. 
For real.
That's how I roll during the pale months... and I'm okay with that.

Much Love,
  mae mae