October 7, 2011

Your Honest Answers

 Last week I wrote a post with 10 honest things about me.  You can find that post HERE.  I encouraged you to send me honest things about yourself, with the intention of posting them in today's blog.  Well, you sent them, and I'm publishing them. I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge!  Thanks for contributing! (All names have been changed to protect the innocent.)


"A few years back I was on a ski trip to New Mexico with my family. My brother, my boyfriend (at the time), and I decided to take a little day trip to a more advanced mountain a few hours away. My brother was driving, my boyfriend was in the passenger seat, and I was sitting groggily in the backseat contemplating life and seriously wondering why I'd agreed to wake up extra early on my vacation day.  I began thinking about how excited I was to be in New Mexico for the first time. Without any additional thought, I opened my mouth and the following dialogue ensued: 

(silent car)
Me: "You know guys...New Mexico has all these mountains..."
Guys: (Nod)
Me: "I mean, I dunno', it's just surprising I guess."
My brother: "What? We are here to ski, Katie. That involves mountains."
Me (being completely serious): "Yea, but I guess I just always expected New Mexico to look a lot like old Mexico, except, you know...newer."

Both guys proceeded to turn around slowly, and look at me and say "are you kidding me?!" while dying laughing." - Katie

"I seriously worry my home is going to burn down almost EVERY SINGLE time I leave the house." - Sally

"I once made my grandma's famous fried chicken for my entire family and didn't defrost the chicken before I fried it. Yea....We ordered in." - Debbie

"When I was a kid someone told me bees can get into your soda can and sting you.  The only way to prevent this is to blow into your can.  If a bee is in there it will fly out.  Today (as an adult) I blow into my can between every sip if I'm outdoors drinking out of a can." - Leanne

"I can't parallel park and today when my poor attempt was being witnessed by a group of by-standers, I got embarrassed, pretended I got a phone call, made a face like 'Something has happened and I HAVE to go' and then pulled away." - Jeanna

"I once sat in the kitchen for an hour attempting to crush peppercorns with my fingers, hands, and a knife because a recipe called for "crushed peppercorns". My mom walked in - I complained about my fingers hurting from attempting to crush the peppcorns...she stopped, looked at me and said 'Tamera...Do you have a pepper grinder?!'" - Tamera

"When I was about 7 or so I was a ridiculous, obsessed Patsy Cline fan. (not a lot has changed) My parents owned a Christmas store in one of the biggest malls in Dallas. I snuck out of the store one day as they were setting up for the opening wearing a tree skirt wrapped around me, poodle-skirt style. I walked into the middle of the mall and decided to entertain shoppers with a rounding rendition of "Walking After Midnight", along with a slue of her other songs. My parents were equally irritated and impressed." - Susie. 

"I cry every time I watch "The Notebook", "Homeward Bound", and "King Kong" without fail.  I can't deal with animals dying and old people being sad." - Ashley

"Three Biggest Fears?
-Never finding the person I'm supposed to be with
-Losing my parents
-Feeling restless my entire life

Three Things I"m Most Excited About?
-Getting married to someone I'm crazy about
-Having a family with said person
-Taking care of my folks and watching them enjoy their "Golden Years" together" - Annie

Thanks for writing in everybody!
I loved reading your entries.  
I hope to do this again soon b/c it was so much fun!

Enjoy your Friday and I'll see you Monday!