October 5, 2011

It's Calling Me

I looked at a calendar today, and with the exception of a beautiful, snowy Christmas on the beach in Charleston,  I haven't been to the ocean in 1 year, 2 months, and 11 days.  

 In 2010, I went to the beach 3 times.

Once with these amazing MTSU ladies:

Once with my mom:

and once with these crazy people:

The beach gives you the freedom to do things you wouldn't otherwise do.

Take a baby doll apart and create a character named, "Man Baby"

Spontaneously hold hands and run into the ocean...
(Yes, those are grown men with real jobs.)

Dance your heart out to songs like "Rocky Top" and "Ice Ice Baby"

Practice your best "Dirty Dancing" moves

Eat two orders of Whataburger Fries:

And sing your favorite Michael Bolton song to an attentive audience of pool-side loungers

This is me at the beach:

This is me last Saturday night... writing 2 papers

I wasn't as bummed as I look...I swear. If anything, I was sad my hot cocoa was gone. Regardless, all I'm saying is the beach is basically the best place ever and if I could, I would live there, and have all of my friends and family visit every weekend.
Actually, that's not true because I love Tennessee more, but I need to visit.
It's Calling Me.

Until then, I'll watch Saved By the Bell's Malibu episode, use Banana Boat sun screen as my daily moisturizer, and pretend I'm "sun-kissed" by wearing way too much bronzer :) If you see me in person, don't look at my arms... they'll be 10 shades lighter than my face. 
For real.
That's how I roll during the pale months... and I'm okay with that.

Much Love,
  mae mae


Sara said...

Lets fix this - lets go to the beach!! Its my happy place.

Mae said...


Brittany Stewart said...

it is calling me too... let's go!!!!! seriously!