September 30, 2011

A Little Housekeeping..

A Little Housekeeping for this Ole Blog of Mine:

1)  I'm new to Twitter and if you want to see me say things that are very average and not at all clever or witty, you can follow me here:

2) If you're a pinterest fan, or a pinterest lurker... 
You can look at what I'm pinning here:

3) Keep your responses to my HONESTY post flowing in.  I've got some great, hilarious, heart-warming, humiliating stories coming in my inbox.  I want yours!
You can send your stories to 

They will be posted next week, but don't worry, your identity will be kept a secret :)
As Dolly (from Hello Dolly) says, "Life's full of secrets and I keep them!"
Unless of course you're in danger, in which case, I'll go to my parents and say, "I have this friend who has a problem..."  Of course, they'll think it's me, but it'll actually be you. And then it'll be weird b/c they'll think your secret is my secret.  And we won't look each other in the eye for a few weeks. But I'm willing to take one for the team, because I like you that much.

(Thanks Full House for that awesome lesson in friendship)

Alright, enough awkwardness?
Send me those stories.
See you on Monday! 

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