September 29, 2011

Welcome to the World!

The Insogna's had their baby yesterday. Sean and I woke up to a text saying "We're at the hospital." We squealed like kids, hopped out of bed, grabbed some McDonald's coffee, and ran to the hospital.  I believe saying something like, "They left a family of two, they'll return a family of three" through comically pitiful tears on the way there... 
Have I mentioned I'm really excited about this baby?

It was a miraculous day and one we will always remember.  Sean and I were sooooo, sooooo, soooooo grateful that little Miss Preston decided to come when we were both in town! (After all, this day was really about us.) It would have been absolute torture if Sean was halfway across the country. Watching Jon walk out in the hall after Preston was born was one of the sweetest moments I've ever witnessed. 

Elizabeth was beautiful (as always), Preston is absolutely gorgeous, both momma and baby are healthy and it was pretty much the best day ever.

Welcome to the world Preston Adeline Insogna!  
You're so loved, so beautiful, and so absolutely perfect!


Brittany Stewart said...

This is so exciting and so sweet! Congrats to everyone!!! (yes to you and sean too!) Preston is precious!

Mae said...

Hahah- As Megan puts it, "It was a big day for all of us :)"

Dionne said...

Congrats. Great post.