September 27, 2011

Last Week in a Nutshell

Last week I worked from here:

It was an amazing cabin, on a picturesque property, and the perfect place to dig our heels in and complete an absolutely monstrous grant. During a break, we went on a hike.  From inside the cabin it looked cold and rainy.  Turned out it was 70 degrees outside and my scarf, boots, and sweatshirt choice was a bit ambitious.  

Here I am in my Olan Mills "I'm in the country on a swing" shot.

This farm is also a venue for weddings.  Can you imagine a bridal party riding through these trees on horseback?? Unbelievable.

The morning after I returned from the cabin, Sean, and our friend Lindsay, and I hopped in the car and drove to our friends' wedding in Atlanta.  We went to the rehearsal and dined like kings and queens at the City Club of Buckhead. It was a magical night and my cheeks are still sore from laughing at all the great toasts.  Afterwards, we crashed with our fantastic and wonderful friends, whom we see way too little of, Ashley and Burch.

The next day we hung out with good friends, caught up over coffee, enjoyed the perfect weather, and then headed to the wedding.  The ceremony was absolutely amazing and afterwards I ate great food, marveled at the amazing funk band's back-up singers, and danced a lot with this guy:

(He trimmed his beard for this occassion.  It is super burly right now and unbelievably awesome.) 
After the reception, we hit the road and got back into Nashville in the early morn. When we arrived I was wide awake, and decided to surf the net for a while before going to bed. I miraculously stumbled upon this video of Barbra Streisand from her 1965 "My Name is Barbra" TV special. I've watched it 10 times since then. The woman is simply not human.

I particularly love the moments beginning at 1:21 and 1:51. My gosh, she's got it all.

Happy Tuesday!
Mary Susan


Danielle said...

Great pic of u 2! Nice suit ;-)

Mae said...

Haha thanks! It was long overdue!