September 22, 2011

I Lied To You...

In July “I Hereby Declared” that I would become more active.  I lied.  Well, not lied, exactly.  At the time I wrote it, I had all the intentions in the world, was totally motivated, and fairly confident in my self-discipline. In fact, just moments after posting that commitment to the blogosphere, I closed my computer, exhaled really loudly, looked off in the distance in the most distinguished way, and relished in my wise and healthy choice.
And that was it.

For days I walked around, so proud of the decision I had made to become more active. But, I did not do much.  I did not go running, I did not go roller blading, I did not take a dance class, and basically I’ve been doing the occasional squats while working (others might call this picking things up that I’ve dropped) and the occasional crunches (others might call this laughing) and the occasional run (others might call this briskly walking to the Jeni's ice cream line.) With the exception of a few dance videos and one adventure at the greenway, I pretty much abandoned this commitment altogether.  For this, I apologize.

But now,  for real, I need some exercise.  I feel bloated, sluggish, and stagnant.  Plus my bowels are really acting up.  (Just kidding.  I just wanted to picture my grandmother gasping at that comment.) Although I have been eating well (mostly) my feeling of “blah-ness” escalated when I saw my friends, Sara and Nate this weekend. A group of us were celebrating our friend’s 30th birthday, and when Nate and Sara arrived (coming straight from some super physical gladiator-type athletic race 2 hours away), a choir started singing and angel back-lighting followed them as they walked in the door. Also, it was in slow motion, and I believe a fan was blowing. As Sean puts it, “they glowed health.”  While I normally try to hate people like this, they make it impossible because they’re fun, nice, and they run for a good cause.

Sara's father was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 2009. Looking for some way to make a difference, she and Nate started a group called “Team G Shock” This team runs races all over the US in the fight against prostate cancer.  When they started the group in 2009, Sara had difficulty running a mile.  This month, on their 27th race, she and Nate finished 1st in their age groups!!! What?!?!?  They are absolutely awesome and you can read about this inspirational couple HERE.

Long story short, I didn’t honor the commitment I made to you in July.  I’m feeling particularly yucky, and Sara and Nate’s fit bodies threw me into a tailspin of self-evaluation.

Therefore, I am “hereby declaring” again, that I will give this whole “being healthy and active thing” a real shot. In no time I will be posting fit pictures of myself in really cute workout outfits, under the guise of “Here I am with my puppies” or “Here I am with my new running shoes.”  But secretly, we’ll all know what's really going on. 

In the meantime, meet Roger:

Roger is my gift to you for lying. He speaks in a British accent.

I also give you Edward and Cecilia, because baby otters are the best and I love you that much.

Thanks for forgiving me,
Mae Mae


Sara said...

You are honestly one of my favorites. :) Thanks for the shout out. And don't forget, if I can do it YOU can definitely do it.

Anonymous said...

Since the weather is getting so nice, you could make a daily routine of taking the dogs out for a walk. I get up every morning and take Bella for her walk, she loves it and won't let me get anything done till she gets her walk in! Wakes me up and starts my day out feeling good!- Katye

Mae said...


This is the perfect idea and I wish I could! Unfortunately, some families in our neighborhood let their dogs run loose and terrorize the pups that are on walks. My dogs have a low tolerance for this and the chance for a blood bath runs high. BUT, I could take them to the greenway. Love this idea!!!

Hannah said...

Baby Otters! How did I not know about this! damn cutest thing I've ever seen