July 21, 2011

I Hereby Declare...

In light of  yesterday’s post, you should know that I stepped on the scale last night and discovered 15 blasts in two weeks really does make a difference... Who knew?

So, today’s topic?  Exercise.     

I hereby announce to blogo-world that I am going to become more active.  I will not, however, take part in boring exercise and have no intention of doing things that involve words like “reps” , “laps”, or “try.”  Just kidding. 

I plan will workout enjoy something fun and active 4 times a week.

It could be biking the greenway, taking a yoga class,  rolling around on my super-cool roller blades, pretending I’m a back-up dancer while watching Beyonce’s  “I AM” live concert DVD… There are a number of options.

Today I will load-up my i-pod and go people watching at the community center… while jogging. And since it’s 150 degrees outside, I will reward myself with a small blast on the way home.  Just kidding.

I leave with you visions of my future:




Enjoy Your Thursday Everybody!!

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