July 19, 2011

City Life...

After eating lunch with my dad, stepmom, and sister today, I started thinking about when I used to share a house with the three of them... Here are some special memories that come to mind...

I always loved staying up late and watching episodes of the Twilight Zone...
It was creepy, but not too creepy, and the endings always left me stunned.

My dad surprised me with a box of Cheeze-Its everytime I came to visit.  (Which in hindsight shouldn't have surprised me... if it was there every time.  You can see, now, how Twilight Zone blew my mind.)
Cheeze-its + Twilight Zone =  One gooood night

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I always enjoyed endless games of Thumb War... first with my dad, then with my sister.
Despite my double jointed thumbs and impressive left-hook, my sister still beats me now.  

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I loved long conversations over coffee at the kitchen table.  I LOVE that kitchen, I LOVE that coffee... 
My step-mom even steamed the milk... Yummmmm

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Everytime I visited, my favorite type of ice cream magically appeared after dinner.
Then, money for a cone at Maggie Moo's magically appeared on my dresser the next day :)
Thanks Daddy!

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A visit to the big city meant a visit to the movie theater.  
One memory that stands out was when I put a Reese's cup on my lap and then got so engrossed in the film that I crossed my legs and forgot.  On my way out of the theater, I hopped on the escalator and as I slid up the 50 foot incline (with a hundred movie-goers behind me) the case of the missing Reese's dawned on me, and I looked down to discover a massive amount of melted chocolate covering the rear and legs of my light-colored khakis.  As I realized the large crowd behind me must be looking up and drawing their own conclusions regarding this mysterious brown stain, I froze.  When my girlfriend turned around to see what was holding me up, she immediately noticed the giant issue at hand, and looked at me with wide eyes. "It's chocolate... it melted." I said quietly... to which she gasped and died laughing.  I, of course, was horrified.  
But somehow, (with nothing less than a miracle) I managed to climb out of my teenage-egocentric tunnel vision and realize that, yes, the situation was quite humorous.  And by the time we reached the house, we were both laughing hysterically. This is now one of my favorite memories, although I have not bought chocolate at a theater since, and never intend to ever. again. 

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This is the Memory Game.  Some call it Concentration.  
I loved playing this game with my sister. 
 I loved it so much that I bought a version for my phone last year and play myself 2 or 3 times every week.
9 times out of 10 I score "Genius." 
It's like what-evs.

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Lastly, one of the best things about this house was my room.  The bed was super comfortable and the room was dark and cold and quiet, and if it weren't for the sweet pitter-patter of my little sister coming to wake me up, I would probably still be sleeping.  

Thanks family for the great memories!  Love you!

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