July 18, 2011

Oh, Mr. Library...


There are few things I love more than searching through an old library.  The smell of aged books, the camaraderie of a large group of people all trying to stay quiet for one another, and the endless supply of free material makes a library visit  heavenly.

Luckily, our city library has over 20 branches, one of which is smack dab in the middle of our neighborhood.  Within 10 minutes, I can walk to the library and eagerly enter my “happy place.” 

Last week, somewhere between running errands and an ice-cold Cherry Limeade from Sonic, I swung  into the library parking lot and ran in.  I browsed the brochures and community advertisements, stared at the Summer Reading section for a while, and then slowly began walking through the aisles. I examined hundreds of books, picking up at least one per every dozen.  Eventually I left with more than I had anticipated, but that’s the joy of a library.  You can go overboard, take risks, and never pay a penny...

Here’s what I got:

These suckers aren’t due for 3 weeks and I’m in heaven.  Every free second I get, I run to The Bean Trees and read, read, read.  The faster I read, the sooner I find out what happens to Taylor Greer, (the story’s awesome protagonist), the sooner I get to begin and finish the next two, and the sooner I get to go back and start over.

Oh Mr. Library, you have my heart. 

Happy Monday, 
Mae Mae

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