May 24, 2012

Reason #5,873,456 why I love living with a musician

Things like this happen in my living room at 11am on a weekday.

(Sean and Billy rehearsing)

Amen? Amen.
Speaking of music, when we return from Africa, Sean will head out the very next day for an acoustic tour in Texas.  I'm hoping to be at some of these shows... If you're in the area come out!!!!

Lastly, I heard Rascal Flatt's new single, "Come Wake Me Up" on the radio today and freaked  out. Why you ask?  Because my hubby is one of the co-writers. I gasped, and then I called Sean screaming, and then I grabbed my camera at a red light and took these photos while the song played.

(Imagine sitting at a red light watching the person next to you scream and take pictures of herself.  You're welcome Hillsboro Village.  That show was for free.)

Have a safe holiday weekend and go listen to Come Wake Me Up!!!!


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May 22, 2012

Seriously Smitten with Lakeview at Fontana

Last week my mom took me on a two day getaway to Lakeview at Fontana. Throughout my stay, I  fell head over heels with this property and by the time I left,  I vowed to return as often as possible and bring everyone I know with me. I mean... just look at it.

Lakeview at Fontana is a renovated 1950's motel, tucked away in the Smoky Mountains.  With a free standing spa on site, a cozy cafĂ©, a comfy tv lounge, a yoga studio, a beautiful deck overlooking Fontana lake, and a pool, you have everything you need for a ridiculously relaxing experience.  The best part? It’s not stuffy or uptight.  If you want to get dressed up with your girlfriends and enjoy wine on the deck, so be it, if you want to read a book by the pool enjoying coffee in your pjs, you can do that too.

Throw free French press coffee, pastries, Out of the Blue Granola, sangria, wine and cheese into the mix and I'm basically going to pass out.

I also got two massages while I was there.  (I's insane.) The first massage I had ended right when the hour of free wine and appetizers was beginning.  So, what did I do?  I went straight from a massage to the cafe (greasy hair and all), got myself a glass of sangria, a plate full of finger foods and sat outside reading a book.  (How much do you hate me right now?) If you are thinking an experience like this would have to cost a fortune, it doesn't.  Check out their rates on their website and GO DOOOO ITTTTT!  (And no... this is not a sponsored post...)

View from the deck off of our unit:

Thanks Mom!!!!!!!!!!
Also, just in case you want a second opinion on why you should get your bum over to Lakeview at Fontana, read this article from Southern Living

P.S. I won something super awesome last night.  I'm basically freaking out about it.  More details coming soon.

It's a fabulous giveaway, dahhhlinggg....

My brilliant and beautiful sister is hosting a giveaway this week.  This giveaway is soo fantastic that I literally considered not telling you about it... after all, I don't really want you entering the contest and thus lowering my odds of winning.  BUT, because I love you so much (and I know how fabulous you'd look in any of JustFab's amazing shoes and accessories) I'm letting you in on this awesome chance to win $39 credit from If you win PLEASE let me know what you get and I'll live vicariously through you.... and if I win, I'll scream like a mad woman and post way too many pics of my loot. 

Just click on this button to see the details and enter yourself!


Good Luck!!

May 21, 2012

An Unexpected Trip to Africa...

Wow.  I’ve been on the go, and all over the place.  In just four weeks I’ve been to Martha’s Vineyard, a trip to the beach with girlfriends, back to the beach with Sean, and to a relaxing getaway in North Carolina with my mother.  (More on that trip later… SOO nice!)  Throughout all this back and forth, I haven’t had much time to update you on the unexpected developments regarding our adoption case.  So here we go…
On Friday the 11th, our case was seen in court in Africa. While Sean and I drove to the beach, we nervously anticipated a phone call telling us how it went.  We were hoping to hear, “Abiella is now officially a McConnell!!” 

But, since when has the expected happen?  At 1pm we got a call from our coordinator and listened as she explained that the judge couldn’t “understand why a couple would choose to adopt a child with special needs.” (Abiella is suspected to have forms of microcephaly and cerebral palsy… which we’ve known since the very beginning.) Because of this, the judge wants to see us in court and make sure we weren’t “misled.” The judge set the court date to June 1st with the requirement that at least one parent be present.  Wow.  Okay…

Luckily, we were on our way to the beach when we got this call and it gave us 3 uninterrupted days to get our minds around what this development meant and to begin planning our trip.  While some may say this development was “unexpected and perhaps inconvenient” we are looking forward to it.  Most importantly, we get to see Abiella !!!!! We haven’t seen her since December, so this unexpected visit is actually very, very exciting!!!!!  We just can't wait to hold this beautiful little girl!!!!

 (And no… we will not be able to bring her home with us this time. There are still passports and visas and 1-600’s and yada yada yada.  BUT every day is closer.)

Please say a prayer for safe, productive, and enjoyable journey. Can't wait!!