July 25, 2013

Prayers for Sadie.

Remember when I wrote about the amazing connection with my friend Audrey who adopted a little girl I had been praying for, while simultaneously praying for OUR daughter to be adopted...all while we didn't even know each other?  And then we became friends through her finding my blog and reaching out and saying, "Our daughters were both born in Ghana and they seem to have a lot in common..." And then we STILL didn't realize the early connection of us praying for each other's daughters until months later when I got a text in the middle of the night from Audrey that said, "What was Abi's Ghanaian name???"

Anyhow, that miraculous connection has led to an incredible support system... late night texts when we were in the hospital with Abi's seizures from Audrey that say, "I've been there. How are we doing? What's the EEG looking like? How are YOU??", frequent emails and messages that seem to arrive at just the perfect moment, the invaluable gift of seeing someone live life with Abi's needs a few steps in front of us, and perhaps one of the most unique parts of the entire connection is Abiella's LOVE for Sadie.  If Abi is upset, or cranky, or not feeling well I play her videos of Sadie and she just listens and laughs and kicks.
It's pretty miraculous how God has weaved our lives together.

Photo: Would you please join us in praying for this little princess? Sadie and her mother, Audrey Beute have meant the world to us and now Sadie is in the hospital dealing with very serious issues including bleeding of the brain. Please please please put this family on your hearts and minds. We love them so much!!!

Well today, I am begging you for prayers.  Begging you to think about our precious Sadie and her amazing mama, daddy, and siblings. Earlier in the week Sadie started to not feel exactly right and began to sleep a lot. So despite thinking it was just a virus, Audrey, being the intuitive mama that she is, took her to the ER and began the longest night of her life. Hours after arriving to the hospital Sadie was in emergency surgery and today she is in a hospital bed while excess fluid and blood drain from her brain into a bag next to my precious friend.

I'm not educated enough on the terms and conditions to speak much about the medical implications. However, I can say that Audrey has asked us to pray for her precious baby girl.  To pray for the medical team behind her and that everyone who enters her room will love her baby and fight for her well.  So please lift them up- they are in as she put it "a nightmare" and I can't imagine what they are feeling.

Thank you. 
mary susan

Hotel Divas.

Last week, my girlfriend Lindsay and I were sitting on my back porch playing with her new puppy, having a drink and lamenting over the fact that her summer was almost over (she works in education).  After a few heavy sighs, and "oh-my-gosh-es" mumbled under our breath, we randomly started daydreaming about how great it would be to just go get a nice hotel room, lay in bed, watch cable, order room service and r-e-l-a-x. And then a funny thing happened.  We actually made it happen.  We looked at our calendars and realized the very next weekend was open for both of us (shockingly) and we vowed to really do it. So on Thursday night Lindsay texted that she had found a suite in a super nice hotel for a ridiculous price and had already booked it. We were going.

And we did.

Appetizers delivered via room service, lounging in the room in our pjs, a cab to our favorite restaurant, a nice dress, a purse and not a diaper bag, an adventurous battle with a monsoon, a drink at the swanky hotel bar, a marathon of Property Brothers on HGTV, down comforters, falling asleep with the tv on, and then room service in the morning and COFFEE in BED.  OMG. Coffee in BED. 

It was delightful. 

Meanwhile, Abi got some good father-daughter time, and all was well with the world.

Moral of that story: Quit thinking so much about fun things you can actually do and just go do them.

mae mae