February 11, 2013

Getting Princess Sadie her Chariot!

Let me tell you an amazing story that STILL blows me away... A while ago, when Sean and I were early in the stages of adoption (still waiting for a match) our coordinator blogged about a little girl in Ghana who needed a home.  She was beautiful, her name was Princess, and she had special needs.

I shared the blog post and pictures with Sean and prayed for this little girl.  A few months later I realized this sweet child had found a home and I was SO EXCITED.  As our adoption process continued, (and we began considering adopting a child with special needs) I often thought about that mystery mom who had adopted Princess.  I wanted to know her story... I wanted to know how it was going... I wanted an update on Princess.  I thought about her so often.

Over the course of the next year, we committed to Abiella and after a LONG journey our baby girl FINALLY arrived home.  Shortly after Abi's arrival, I was on a Ghana Adoption Facebook group when I found a woman who I thought *might* be Princess's mama.  I couldn't believe it. I began to do some research.  Could this be her?? Could this be the mom of that child I saw and prayed for a year ago?? I SO wanted to know how everything was going.  But I quickly got whisked away into hospital visits ng tubes, surgery, and more.  I didn't have time to "research" or find out anything about the woman who I thought might be Princess's mom... And yet, during that time, I found myself longing for a friend who had adopted a child with similar needs. I wanted someone I could email or contact anytime of day with a question. "What do you do when THIS happens?" or "I'm really tired. This nose tube is stressing me out."  That kind of thing... And then one day, out of nowhere I get a sweet message in my inbox from a woman saying, "I found your blog and I think we have similar stories...I adopted a little girl named Princess from Ghana over a year ago."  My heart stopped.  THIS WAS THE MOM!!! REACHING OUT TO ME!!!  The mother of the little girl I had thought about so much over the last year had FOUND ME and sent ME an email! I of course wrote back immediately and from that point on, Audrey became a source of deep encouragement.  At a low moment, my inbox would magically 'ding' and out of nowhere Audrey would have sent me an encouraging message completely relevant to what I was feeling at that exact moment. Sean and I would just shake our heads... it was obvious God was using her to answer my longing for a friend with a similar situation. I always say, "I didn't have time to search for what I needed, so God said, "here you go... I'll take this one off your plate..." During that first month, I received so much encouragement from Audrey, got caught up on how Princess (now Sadie) was doing and asked a TON of questions about g-tubes, traveling with a feeding pump, etc. etc. etc. And you can imagine how excited I was when I realized the little girl I had remembered (from the first picture) now looked like this!


But that's not where the story ends...Preapre yourself, this is big. One night a few months ago, I woke up and couldn't sleep.  I of course reached for my phone and saw a message from Audrey.  It said, "Was Abiella's name 'Afua' in Ghana?"  My heart stopped. I wrote back, "Yes. Why?"  Turned out... (are you ready for this?) over a year and a half ago, one of Audrey's dear friends wanted to adopt Abiella but wasn't able to... when they realized she wouldn't be able to adopt her, they committed Abi to prayer, begging God to bring her a family.  THIS NEW FRIEND OF MINE HAD BEEN PRAYING FOR OUR DAUGHTER FOR OVER A YEAR... AND WE BECAME FRIENDS BEFORE SHE EVEN KNEW I WAS THE MOM OF THE CHILD WHOM THEY HAD BEEN LOYALLY PRAYING FOR.  It was one of those crazy-God is SO GOOD- I can't believe that just happened- moments. Absolutely insane.

A week or so later she told me that she had dinner with the friend who had wanted to adopt Abi and showed her all of her current photos on facebook. She said they both cried. Their prayers had been answered. To know my new friend had been loyally praying for my daughter before I EVEN KNEW MY DAUGHTER is a gift I can hardly fathom.

All this to say, Audrey and Sadie (Princess) have a very special place in our hearts... We enjoy getting videos of Sadie and showing them to Abiella.  Abi will laugh and listen sooo intently when she hears Sadie's voice. Just look at this video of Sadie in the hospital this winter.  Audrey and her husband joke about who is Sadie's best friend... looks like Mama won:

Sadie has a very unique and powerful story and I highly encourage you to go to Audrey's blog and read more of it in greater detail. They call her the "life-changer" because everyone who comes in contact with Sadie is changed... In West Africa, Sadie survived a late-term abortion.  Through a series of divine miracles Sadie was adopted into the Beute family and became Audrey's youngest child. You can read more about how Audrey's family was "matched" with Sadie here, but this is my favorite part... (Ryleigh is Audrey's other daughter.)

"when I was reviewing her information on the computer, Ryleigh was behind me.  She just couldn't understand why this was even something we were thinking about!  Why wouldn't we just say yes!??  I explained to her then that this baby could grow up and be a beautiful healthy child full of energy and life....or she may continue to grow old, but continue to stay a 6 month old forever.  Ryleigh....with a very serious thoughtful look on her face says to me "Well, she still needs a mom and dad".   Can't argue with the deep wisdom of a then 10 year old."

Amen? AMEN! Don't you just LOVE this family!???  They are devoted, hard-working, extraordinary, and brave. Audrey continues to be an advocate for orphan care and speaks at churches and groups about her amazing experience as Sadie's mama.

This brings me to today.  Sadie is getting a wheel chair!  While this exciting piece of equipment will offer invaluable physical support, a way to attend school, and other wonderful opportunities... it also comes with a need for a wheel chair accessible van. Vans with a wheel chair lift can be very expensive. So, one of Audrey's friends began a fundraiser for her. The goal was to get 4,000 people to donate $5, equaling the cost of the van this family so desperately needs. So far they've received amazing support and raised $4,000+ dollars. Will you help us blow it out of the water!?! Would you join me in giving up a Starbucks latte (or whatever your $5 treat is) this week to help give Princess Sadie her chariot??

Join us in getting Sadie her new ride and helping a family who has helped so many so selflessly!! You can donate HERE through PayPal or checks can be written to Sarah Butterfield or Audrey Beute and mailed to:

Chemical Bank
5980 Lake Michigan Dr.
Allendale, MI 49401

Attn: Conni/Sadie's Chariot Fund
Please indicate it is for Princess Sadie's Chariot Fund in the memo line.

Many Blessings,


Mendy the Crazy Daisy said...

OMG!! How awesome to find all of these connections. I'm sure it will be wonderful for the babies to have the connection as they get older as well. Your families are amazing to be able to do such wonderful things.

God bless you all!!


Jodi said...

Wow what an amazing story! I love that you were brought together. So amazing!!

Kimberly Montgomery said...

I love how God works his magical network and reveals it to us slowly.

Treasure Tromp said...

these stories are so incredibly touching. thanks for leaving me in tears ;)

ShelbyandBrandon Osmond said...

You my dear are an inspiration. I can't believe this story totally gave me goosebumps, i love how much you recognize the Lords work in everything you do.


Katie J said...

This is an amazing story! Thank you so much for sharing, so touching.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

What an amazing story of people being brought together!

Emily Kate said...

God is ridic, thank you for sharing this!!!

jess said...

What a little peanut she was! This is indeed an amazing story, thanks for sharing, I hope the family gets the support that they need :)

JMc said...

Wow. I just got chills reading about yalls link of prayer for these special children!

Brittany Goodnight said...

This post has truly touched my heart. I have a sister with special needs and it has taught me so much about life and for you and your husband to make the decision to give another child with disabilities the chance to a great life with loving parents to call her own forever is a blessing from above.

Thank you so much for sharing these posts.

Jessica said...

wow what a beautiful story!! Do you hope to meet eachother some day?

Christina said...

This story just melted by heart into an absolute puddle on the floor. God is so so good. Thank you for sharing!!!!!