March 21, 2014

Please Help Abiella Win an Adaptive Bicycle!!!!!!!

Hi Friends! 

This is BIG news! Abiella's physical therapist has helped us enter an incredible contest that gives adaptive bicycles away to children and young adults with special needs. The bicycle our PT has suggested is absolutely AWESOME. It would allow Abiella to use her legs to work the bike while her neck, trunk, and head are completely supported. This could be SUCH a huge deal for Abiella. Independent movement! Summer fun! AHH!! If we win, it could be here in MAY! Just in time for summer! Ahh!! Please consider going to this link, clicking NOMINATE, and then spreading the word if you feel so inclined :) Every nomination gets Abiella closer to winning the bike! The person with the most nominations automatically wins a bike and then everyone else who has received 50 nominations or more is put into a drawing for the remaining bikes. This would be such a wonderful thing for Abiella! She loves being outside and would LOVE the opportunity to enjoy the summer and ride a bike around the neighborhood like her other friends.


Here's the link again: 

Much Love Friends, 
Mama Mae Mae