May 5, 2012

Three Things you Need to Know About the "Cat Drawing Situation"

If you didn’t see the video about the dude that draws cats, you seriously MUST watch it now… BEFORE you do anything else.  I beg of you.  If not, this post will make absolutely zero sense.  Here it is one more time for good measure:

Things you need to know:

1)  3 hours after I posted THIS, Steve the Cat Drawing Man followed me on twitter.  I’m assuming it was some form of google alert system that led him to my blog and thus my twitter account. Now my very small, fairly inactive twitter account, has Steve the Cat Guy as one of its mere 45 followers.  Hilarious.

2) When I posted this blog, I had no idea that Sean had secretly purchased a cat drawing for me.  I now anxiously await my “dancing cat eating chips and salsa while surfing the internet” drawing.  It's basically a mini-mae mae… if I was a cartoon cat. Sean pretty much nailed it.

3) Lastly, Steve the cat man commented on my blog which I think is pretty darn cool.

Technology, makes this world one crazy place, eh? One minute I’m watching a dude on television (Hulu Plus actually) and the next minute he’s commenting on my blog and sending me a drawing of a cat.  Bizarre.

Happy Weekend, friends!

May 2, 2012

I Want to Draw a Cat for You

Oh my gosh, y'all. Today is my birthday and at 12:05 am this morning I discovered this little gem on Shark Tank. I consider it fate's little birthday gift to me. 

Two things: A) I LOVE Shark Tank.  If you aren’t a fan of this show, give it a second chance.  B) Out of ALLLLL the sales pitches I’ve seen on this show, this is by FAR my favorite; it is truly a birthday miracle.

If you love me at all, you will watch this:

By 2 am I had youtubed 2 interviews with this genius, scoured the "I Want to Draw a Cat for You" website, and I was still hearing "I want to draw a cat for you" (complete with visions of the dance) running through my head as I fell asleep. If you know me in real life, get ready.  You're going to see me doing this dance a lot.

Genius, just genius.


April 30, 2012

I'm Back!!

Woah!  A whole week has passed??? I feel like I've been in a time warp.  Why?  Because time loses all relevance when you're here:

I mentioned a few weeks ago that my friend Danielle was taking me to the beach; well, this was it.  We were super excited to have our friend Ashley join us, and the three of us hit the road early Monday morning. I had all intentions of blogging while I was there... but to be honest, I didn't look at my phone or my email or really do anything other than lay in the sun, read magazines, eat a ton of chips and guacamole, and laugh until I thought I was going to pass out.  Seriously.  That's it. My version of heaven.

We left the condo one time for dinner...  and other than that we either cooked or ordered in.  The days went like this: walk downstairs in the morning to get a coffee, (there's a cafe in the building... whatup!! (insert me raising the roof here) are you embarrassed for me yet?), meet the girls back in the condo with my extra large dose of caffeine, relax on the balcony for a while sipping on my caramel macchiato, make a quick sandwich, hit the sand and look at this until 5 pm:

PLUS, there was a tiki bar with drinks and snacks a few steps away and the beach was full of families and older folks, no crazy spring breakers!  (I officially sound like an old woman don't I?)

It was an amazing, amazing week.

I miss it already!
You rock, Danielle and Ashley!!
Thanks for such an incredible vacation!!!


P.S. Sean's b-day was the day after I got back from the beach.  We celebrated by going out to get our favorite sushi and then seeing "5 Year Engagement."  It. was. hilarious. I have many close friends and family who share April birthdays!! So... here's a big


to all of you!!!
I love you!!!

Woohoo!!! May 2012 bring you all sorts of goodness!