May 2, 2012

I Want to Draw a Cat for You

Oh my gosh, y'all. Today is my birthday and at 12:05 am this morning I discovered this little gem on Shark Tank. I consider it fate's little birthday gift to me. 

Two things: A) I LOVE Shark Tank.  If you aren’t a fan of this show, give it a second chance.  B) Out of ALLLLL the sales pitches I’ve seen on this show, this is by FAR my favorite; it is truly a birthday miracle.

If you love me at all, you will watch this:

By 2 am I had youtubed 2 interviews with this genius, scoured the "I Want to Draw a Cat for You" website, and I was still hearing "I want to draw a cat for you" (complete with visions of the dance) running through my head as I fell asleep. If you know me in real life, get ready.  You're going to see me doing this dance a lot.

Genius, just genius.



caitlin said...

happy birthday!

Brittany Stewart said...

Happy Birthday Love! I'm perfecting my Cat Dance Moves as i type this!!! Love you!!!

Melodee said...

happy birthday! oh, that video is so funny, I love his little dance:) hehe

Briana@SweetCGrace said...

Oh my goodness! Haha! Happy Birthday!

Steev said...

Whoopy! Thanks for blogging, and thanks for stumbling upon my cat drawing site. I hope I draw a cat for you soon! Whee!