May 5, 2012

Three Things you Need to Know About the "Cat Drawing Situation"

If you didn’t see the video about the dude that draws cats, you seriously MUST watch it now… BEFORE you do anything else.  I beg of you.  If not, this post will make absolutely zero sense.  Here it is one more time for good measure:

Things you need to know:

1)  3 hours after I posted THIS, Steve the Cat Drawing Man followed me on twitter.  I’m assuming it was some form of google alert system that led him to my blog and thus my twitter account. Now my very small, fairly inactive twitter account, has Steve the Cat Guy as one of its mere 45 followers.  Hilarious.

2) When I posted this blog, I had no idea that Sean had secretly purchased a cat drawing for me.  I now anxiously await my “dancing cat eating chips and salsa while surfing the internet” drawing.  It's basically a mini-mae mae… if I was a cartoon cat. Sean pretty much nailed it.

3) Lastly, Steve the cat man commented on my blog which I think is pretty darn cool.

Technology, makes this world one crazy place, eh? One minute I’m watching a dude on television (Hulu Plus actually) and the next minute he’s commenting on my blog and sending me a drawing of a cat.  Bizarre.

Happy Weekend, friends!


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot said...

LOL I want to do his dance move all over the place. That is nuts!

Melodee said...

oh my gosh that is sooo funny! you have to post your cat drawing from your hubs when you get it!!! funny:)

Kaleigh said...

The weekend I got engaged, my brother in law sang this song ALL DAY. So my engagement memories will forever have "I want to draw a cat for you" as a theme song.

Celeste @ Our Fabulous Life in the Suburbs said...

That just made my night! Hahaha that guys dance was awesome...and I'm gonna need one of those drawings.