May 7, 2012

Update on Court

I haven’t been very good at writing on here recently because I've been increasingly distracted by news on the Abiella court front.  Last week, we got very exciting news that papers were signed and our case was headed to court on Friday, May 4th (two days ago.)  I was hesitant to tell many folks since last time we thought we were going to court, we had to go back and tell everyone, “no… actually… it didn't happen.”  SO this time, I kept the news fairly quiet.    Friday morning (the day of our court date), Sean and I woke up and sat in our living room sipping coffee for what felt like an eternity. Ghana is five hours ahead of us, so our morning was nearing Abiella’s afternoon.  We couldn't bear the thought of going anywhere or doing anything until we had some news.  Had court happened?? Were they in court right then?? Eventually, Sean’s phone rang and our hearts jumped. Unfortunately, our coordinator was calling to inform us that someone didn't show up for court and our case had to be rescheduled.  So alas… we wait again…


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love you mamma xo