January 2, 2013

1993 vs. 2013 Resolutions

A few months ago my father found my list of New Years Resolutions from 1993.  It was a glorious find. Here's the list exactly as I wrote it: 

(I was 8 turning 9.)

1)    Stop my habbits.
2)    Be myself.
3)    Spend time with my pets.
4)    Pick up trash, wise electricity, help people.
5)    Wright my friends.
6)    Make good choices.
7)    Try my best.
8)    Be more igreable.
9)    Earn my money.
10)    Be a good sport.

Okay. A few things you should know.  #4 was so important to me that I penned a “Save-the-World-esque” song in my playhouse one day and then proceeded to march all over my working horse farm with my scribbled lyrics in one hand, while dramatically using the other hand to help nail down the perfect melody. (Celine Dion Style.)  I’m certain that someone on that horse farm must still recall seeing a scrawny white girl walking around all by herself, in a tie-dyed shirt, messy ponytail, gym shorts and cowgirl boots, belting phrases like “We are the answer”, “rise up!”, and “take re-spons-ib-illlll-ittttt-yyyyyyyy.” (This was also the year I led my 4th grade class to state in our ‘Robots Made of Recycled Materials’ 4-H competition…We didn't win but we made one hell-uv-a robot with a soda-can body and toilet paper roll arms.  Did I mention I was voted the 4-H secretary and project leader for our class? It was like no big deal.)

Anyhow, 20 years later, I’m still making New Years Resolutions… with only slightly better spelling.

 So, without further adieu, here’s my list for 2013. 

1) Exercise.  At least a little.
2) Get up earlier...before Abiella wakes up.
3) Drink more water, more coffee, and more protein shakes. 
4) Eat more veggies, or as my grandma says, “Eat my greens.”
5) Blog more.  Because I really like doing it.   
6) Work on art more
7) Read more.
8) Go on a date (or many) with my husband. (aka- find a pediatric nurse who is also an awesome babysitter.)
9) Play more with Abiella (not physical therapy, not hauling her around to different appointments, but good-ole-fashioned P.L.A.Y. Time.)
10) Read the Bible more. 

There we go folks.  Simple but good. 

2013… I’m really happy to see ya. 



-suz said...

Lov both the 1993 and 2013 resolutions. Love your baby, remember the moments, be strong and smile! Here's to a great new year

Audrey said...

Move to Michigan and I would watch her EVERY DAY! Just sayin... :)

Melodee said...

happy new year! loved your happy baby pictures the other day...she is so cute and her little face is just so happy!

Allyson Butler said...

I love this post! I know 2013 is going to be so great for your sweet little family!

Kenzie Smith said...

That is so neat that your dad found your New Year's Resolutions for 1993! They are great resolutions as are your resolutions for 2013 - good luck!
Happy New Year (a day late ;D)!

J-Berg said...

Happy New Year Mae!

Holly said...

Love your blog!!! Happy New Year!!!

Libby said...

I just caught myself up on your blog posts. I went back to the surgery and continued from there...I'm full of emotions and overjoyed that you three are doing well! Thank you for sharing - always in our prayers!

Samantha said...

Oh my everything that is holy!

This seriously sent me flying back to my elementary school days. You know, when I decided that my New Years resolution was to be more independent (at 10 I don't know how independent I could be) and winning the 4H Dairy Recipe Competition because I was the only one who A) Used Dairy, B) Followed the hygiene directions and used gloves, and C) made something that didn't have to CHILL for an hour (what was the pudding kid thinking)!

My award winning recipe???? An ice cream sunday... ha ha ha.

FOund you over at iving in Yellow and SO glad that I did!

Samantha @ House of Vickers

Samantha said...

And I BUTCHERED that comment, but you get it!