November 3, 2011

Giveaway Alert!!!

You may have seen me mention Brittany HERE and HERE.  Brittany (also referred to as BS, for her initials) is a super talented artist.  When Brittany found out we were adopting, she combined my love for globes and chalkboards and made me this:

Today, she has started her own blog of art/life/DIY goodness and she is offering an amazing giveaway.  See these amazing chalkboard mason jars?

They could be yours!  Just go over to her new blog, Buttons, Birds, and BS and click follow. Then in the comments section say I sent you there :)  Then, if you know someone who would want these fabulous wonders send them there too and have them click "follow" and write your name in the comments section. (She explains it a lot better on her blog.)  Go check it out!

mae mae


Candace Stevenson said...

ohhh!! Thank you for sharing this! I love it. I need it hhaha
Lovely Little Rants

Brittany Stewart said...

You are such a precious and dear friend! I love you so much! Thanks for the never-ending support! :)