November 4, 2011


Need some breathtaking, soul-searching, jaw-dropping music in your life?  Try Lori McKenna’s “Lorraine.”  The entire album is unbelievable  and it is permanately on my all-time list of favorites.  

Here’s a clip of Lori in the studio:

Sean had the honor of going on a short tour with Lori earlier this year, and she is as unique and special as she is talented.  Miraculously, all of Sean’s siblings (and myself) found ourselves at a show with Sean and Lori in Atlanta, and Lori seamlessly fell into the loud, sometimes inappropriate, hilarious McConnell banter.  But, now that I’ve given myself backhanded props for hanging out with this amazing artist, I’ll do it just one more time by saying Sean sings harmonies on track #2, “The Most.” 

Alright, I’m done.   Enjoy the music!



Danielle said...

a) You were up at 7:30?!?! Bravo!
b) LOVE this entire album. Such a great artist. :)


Jennifer said...

Wow! She's amazing. Thanks for sharing.
Just stumbled onto your blog from Forever Folding Laundry. I saw that you are hoping to adopt. I wish you all the best on your journey! I'm an adoptive mama myself and it's hands down been the most amazing blessing of my life. :-)

Many blessings to you!