November 1, 2011

A Ray...

Meet Ashley Ray

Ashley is an amazing singer/songwriter whom I have the honor of calling my dear friend. According to one source, “She may have a cute little doll face, a soft, unassuming demeanor, but don’t let that fool ya. Ashley Ray is not quite America’s sweetheart. Take the fiercely competitive streak that comes out if you try and beat her at darts, or the way she’s perfectly at home in dive bars where she can more than handle her half of the bucket of beer. She’s a former cheerleader who just might kick your ass if you bring that up.”

I can attest to the fact that all of the above statement is 100% true. Ashley is one of the most talented, feisty, and passionate women I know.

I first heard of Ashley when we moved to Nashville.  Numerous people told me to look up her music and prepare my mind to be blown away. For a while, “Ashley Ray” was the voice behind the music I listened to on the stereo. Then, through some strike of fate we ended up in the same circle of friends. As I heard stories of her country upbringing, her sister’s ability to kill a coyote with one shot (in her bathrobe), and her ability to hold her own on the road with a bunch of dudes, I decided we had to be friends.  My plan worked and today I’m truly blessed to have this awesome lady in my life.

Ashley is not only an incredible artist, but she is also an amazing advocate for the people she loves and the causes that are dear to her heart. Three years ago Ashley’s mom was diagnosed with 3 different kinds of breast cancer.  After seeing the struggles and pain her mother endured, Ashley decided to do what she could to fight this terrible disease.

Today, Ashley is an advocate for breast cancer research and works hard to raise money for the cure.  Every year Ashley puts a team together for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure called, “A Ray of Hope.”  Last year I had the honor of walking with the team and watching Ashley’s incredible mama walk through the survivor’s line and meet Ashley and her amazing sister on the other side.  

This Saturday, I had the honor of walking it again. It's always so moving to see thousands of people show up in support of such an important cause.  They are always excited, passionate, and dedicated to finding a cure. My own sweet grandmother is a breast cancer survivor and the older I get the more women I know who are battling this devastating disease. After watching countless survivors run through the survivor line (to be given roses by perfect strangers), I was reminded of the power of encouragement and the difference one's support can truly make.

Thanks A Ray for putting the team together and for letting us join you in celebrating your mother's courage, strength, and good-health!

You can learn more about the Susan G. Komen Foundation HERE and more about Ashley Ray HERE.



Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! What a sweet story. Thank you for sharing this!

Liz said...

Thanks so much for your kind words about my Bluegrass post :) So glad you found me! This story was beautiful, can't wait to check out her music!!