October 14, 2011

Pot, Chalk, and BS

I have a serious love for all things chalkboard.... This board lives in my kitchen:

And this board lives in my dining room, (given to me by the one and only, Mrs. Thriftary):

A few months ago, my friend Brittany combined my love for globes and chalkboards and created this awesome piece, which I posted about HERE.

Today, she's done it again.

She's a genius. Rather than putting live plants in the pot and labeling it, (which I would do if given a chalkboard flower pot) she used them to hold her fall decor. (Did you think I meant a different kind of pot? If so, I tricked you... and made you read this post with a little more interest than you might have.. S-napp! Did I mention I'm on a lot of allergy meds these days?)

Anyhoo, I think I'm going to take Brittany's lead and make chalkboard pots for pretty much everything in my house: pencils, remotes, art supplies, silverware, matches, mints, toiletries, sponges... my mind is literally spinning.  (could be the allergy meds I'm on, or it could be the insane amount of chalkboard paint I'm about to dive into...) If it can fit in a pot, it will be put in one.  You can check out more of Brittany's awesome crafts at her new blog, "Buttons, Birds, and BS."  Her nickname is BS because of her initials. (Brittany Stewart)... aaaaannnndd because she has a tendency to lie a lot. Just kidding.  She's the best. Check her out!

Yours Truly,
Mae Mae

P.S. What do you think about my new header? I love it. It was designed by the very talented Danielle Roy.  You can read her blog, Changing Lanes, HERE.  I LOVE her vintage style and unique designs.  Plus, her daughter's name is Mary Mac and you can't get much cooler than that.

~Happy Reading~


Julie said...

Love your new header! And I adore that globe...such a cool idea!

Holly said...

Just came across your blog and was reading that you are from Tn! I am just west of Nashville in Burns. Its pretty close to Fairview. Oh and that globe is awesome!

Brittany Stewart said...

Thanks Mary Susan! You are the best!

Mae said...

Hi Holly! I was out that direction the other day. Beautiful area!!