October 13, 2011

We are moving. We think.

We made the very difficult decision to put our house on the market this week.  We absolutely LOVE our home, LOVE our street, and really LOVE our neighbors.  Unfortunately, this home doesn't offer the space or the school system we want for our family.  For the two of us, it's great... which is why the decision is so difficult. It's hard to make choices for the sake of a future that is so unknown.

But, when we imagine the future as best we know how, it seems that our 1400 square foot cottage (with 300 square feet dedicated to Sean's studio) will feel twice as small and twice as loud. Without a doubt we would be busting at the seams after 2 children.  So why not move now before kids get here?  That seems like the easiest solution and the one that would provide the most stability for the kids.

We debated on moving to a larger home in our neighborhood (thus keeping the amazing neighbors) BUT we aren't comfortable with the school system (past the 5th grade) and hated to move to a home that would have an expiration date on it.  Adopted children have so much transition, we would hate to throw "you've made friends at this school and in this neighborhood, but now we're moving to a different county" into the mix.  We'd love to be where we'll be for a long time when they get here.

So... we've made the very difficult decision to put our house on the market, look at homes in Williamson County, and just see what happens.  If you know anyone looking for an adorable 1930's cottage with a wood-burning fireplace in the coolest part of Nashville send them our way :)

We are excited about the future, but growing pains hurt. Period.

If you're the praying kind, send up a prayer that this transition will go smoothly and we'll find the home we need to be in. We'd greatly appreciate it. Also pray that my constant harassment will prove effective and our neighbors will follow us wherever we go. Just kidding. But seriously.

Mae Mae

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Danielle said...

A) love the new header!
B) great blog - I Felt like I could hear you talking to me through it! Can't wait to see the new home and everything that will come along with it! :) xo