October 24, 2011

I've Been Creating

I love pottery.  I love eating off of it, drinking out of it, lighting candles in it, and even wearing it as jewelry.  My love affair with pottery started during two years of highschool pottery class and reignited this year when I took a community class with some of my friends.  (You can read about that HERE.)

After my community class, I decided my love affair should turn into something a bit more serious... going steady if you will.  So, I got some clay, bought a small kiln off of Craigslist, and make stoneware pieces during my free time.  I love to make bowls, magnets, vases, and jewelry. This weekend I took some time to create.

Yesterday I bisque fired, today I glazed, and now, as I type this, my kiln is off firing in the garage... heating itself to a mere 3,000 degrees.

(Side note: a friend of mine told me about this really good lookin' chick he knew with some seriously killer lips.  Turned out she got her volumptuous kissers by giving a hot kiln a smooch as a child... Did it get my wheels turning? Yes, yes it did.)

Anyhoo, this thing should cut off soon and be cool enough to open in a few hours.  Am I excited? yes. Do I get up to check on my kiln multiple times during the night? yes, yes I do. Will I show you what I've been creating? Yes... eventually.

Until then enjoy your Monday... only 2 months until Christmas Eve...

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