October 27, 2011

22 Things...

Today I’m linking up over at Mama Kat’s Mama’s Losin’ It blog.  Every week she gives you a list of writing prompts to choose from and then you link up on Thursday.  I’m new to the party, but here goes:

22 Things I Have Done:

1)  Owned a pet deer. Her mama was killed by a hunter and she was left with us at our farm to bottle feed… she never wanted to leave, so as a grown deer she still walked in our house, hung out with the dogs, and ran beside our car.  On occasion she'd wander off with the other deer on the farm, but before long she was back, wanting to lay on a dog bed by the fire. She was the best.

2) Cut off my finger. They sewed it back on.

3)  Got stuck in a tram with a claustrophobic, panic stricken woman under the Dallas / Ft. Worth airport. 

4) Caught a 98 pound Halibut in Alaska.

5) As a kid I was the proud owner of rabbit teeth... (that lived in my mouth.)

6) Married a musician I was a fan of before we started dating.  Yesss

7) Taught middle school and loved it.

8) Owned a rescued zebra. He came from an abusive background and found refuge at our farm.

9) Gained 30 pounds my first 8 weeks of college.

10) Threw up in the flowers at the entrance of my sister’s college graduation ceremony. I was car sick, I swear. Seriously.

11) Cleaned stalls for the Budweiser Clydesdales.                              

12) Worked at a surf shop for a summer on the beach. 

13)  Drove a friend to the hospital when we thought she might be in labor.  When we arrived she was at 10 centimeters and I could see the head…

14) Accidentally called my boss at midnight when I thought I was calling the cops to report a reckless driver. Oops.

15) Accidentally sealed my entire thumb with hot wax and in a desperate attempt to avoid the doctor’s office I went to the hardware section of Wal-mart and asked the young man working if he could help me with my problem… Despite the fact my skin was coming off with the wax, the 2 of us decided “Goo-be-Gone” was the best medicine. 

16)  Lived in a single wide trailer.

17)  Helped my mother run a bed and breakfast where we also boarded horses… (thus the reason for #11).

18) Earned my Master’s in Education and started my Doctorate. (Only 7 more semesters to go…)

19) Had a stranger fall asleep on my shoulder during a flight.  Yes, I woke him up and made him move. Yuck.

20) Unknowingly left a song I was making up on the spot (and singing at the top of my lungs) on a girlfriend’s voicemail.  (The song was about some 16 year old girl who got herself into adult decisions too fast… are you uncomfortable yet?)

21)  We are adopting first (having biological kids later). 

22) Met my husband at age 19 (say what?!?), married him one year later and have fallen more in love every day since. Best choice I ever made.


Angie said...

OMG, a deer, a zebra, a 98 pound halibut, AND the Budweiser clydesdales?

::bowing down::

Deanna said...

You've had an interesting life! We had a baby deer once too...they are super fun! : )

Susan Binkley said...

Don't forget breaking your arm flying down the Natchez Trace trail on an unruly mule!

Danielle said...

Whoa whoa whoa. You cut off your finger?!? I need to hear this story.

Mrs. Thriftary said...

Oh. My. Gosh. You crack me up so hard. Your life is nuts... I genuinely don't think that I could think of 22 interesting things. I am not downplaying myself, I am just saying... You have a gift of attracting interesting situations, and then being able to communicate them.

God love ya dahlin'

Kerianne said...

Thanks for checking out my blog! Heck yes October Follow Fest :)

Your life sounds awesome...three things: I love that you were a middle school teacher, my life's dream is to be a high school English teacher. Also, horses?? Bed and breakfast WITH horses?! Oh man. ALSO ALSO, your elementary school picture about made me pee my pants. You were SO CUTE!

Mae said...

Haha! Glad you thought it was cute... that's not exactly the word I would have chosen :)