June 27, 2011

Community Class

I quit my teaching job last year. I loved teaching middle school but wanted to pursue other once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. These opportunities included the following:
  • Traveling with my husband (he’s a musician)
  • Working part-time from home as a grant-writer and research assistant
  • Pursue my doctorate in education (which I ended up starting a year later…oops)
  • Relax a little and catch a breath before starting a family 

This new lifestyle meant, for the first time, I would be COMPLETELY in charge of my own schedule. Wowwww….   For years I couldn’t even go to the bathroom when I wanted to, (Fellow teachers, you know what I’m talking about.)

Simultaneously, my friend KP fearlessly quit her job and started a new business.  Suddenly we had a lot more flexible time on our hands. So, we met for coffee, and set some goals that would be fun, out of our normal comfort zone, and exciting. (I highly recommend finding a friend and setting goals like this…)  One of these goals was to join a community class.  Well, my friends, we went, we saw, and we conquered. 

For the last three months we have been going to a pottery class offered through our metro community education program.  Three of our friends joined us and the five of us made up the whole class. Our weekly 3 hour pottery class quickly became one of the best things I’ve done in my adult life.  For three hours each week we played with mud, chatted with our super-cool teacher June, laughed about old stories, pontificated about our jobs, and made awesome stuff.  We left each night tired, dirty, and creatively rejuvenated.  What a gift! 

This next semester they’re offering Italian, Fencing, and Badminton.  Hmm… 

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