August 8, 2013

Why I have CRAZY energy... finally.

Guys, for the past... maybe forever... I have really suffered to maintain energy. So much so, that a few times I saw a doctor thinking "maybe I have a blood sugar issue?" or "maybe I have mono?" but NOPE.  All checked out.  I was just TIRED and basically wishing I could just do this all day:

Over the few past years, it just got worse and worse. I would wake up tired, barely making it through the day with one caffeinated beverage to the next, and then I would hit the bed exhausted. I thought, maybe if I ate really well I would feel better.  So I started juicing, which definitely helped.  But pretty soon juicing was too expensive and WAY too time consuming for my life.  So then I started buying raw freshly made juice and getting it delivered to our door. But that wasn't a substitute for a meal the way our homemade juicing was, and it was also getting pretty expensive. So I began buying only organic food and even started gardening, eating fresh fruit and veggies as much as possible. But nope, still exhausted. I figured since motherhood requires so much energy, this was just my destiny.  To. be. tirrrreed. But then my friend Carolyn, started talking on facebook about HOW MUCH energy she had and I was curious. I knew she was SUPER organic, making SUPER healthy eating choices, and yet even she hadn't been feeling great. So what had changed in her life that she now had a crazy amount of energy that she didn't have on her "perfect" diet? She was a mother to 15 children, many with special needs.  She was also the executive director of an incredible non-profit called Project Hopeful AND she was in the middle of moving her entire family to Guatemala to serve at Village of Hope.  How could SHE have so much energy and not me?  I called her.  I learned.  And now I'm DOING what she was doing and I can't. even. believe it.  I'm a different person. I'm still eating "God's food", only taking the best-rawest ingredients into my system and yet three weeks after implementing what I learned in our conversation I feel better than I EVER have. In my life. Childhood energy included.  I'll share with you what I'm doing differently tomorrow- and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!



Kaity said...

Please do!!! I eat pretty healthfully but I'm ALWAYS tired!

Brianna Bell said...

this is a TEASE! I am always exhausted. Like I feel like Im in a fog. all. the. time. I need whatever you are having!

Becky | Apples of Gold said...

Well then I guess I'll be back tomorrow! =)
I could definitely use a ton more energy in my life.
Looking forward to reading about what worked so well for you!

Christina Steward said...

Can't wait!!

Ashley said...

such a tease!!!