August 6, 2013

Love Outside the Lines

My amazing talented, brave, dear, hilarious friend Megan is on a unique journey.  

She is adopting four children, advocating for hundreds more in Sierra Leone, recently got married on a beach in Africa, and has now put out an amazing EP.  (Did I mention she's an insane singer and songwriter? I was actually a major fan of her music before I ever even knew her.) The EP is amazing and all proceeds from Track 1 go to the orphanage her children are currently living at, and the rest will help fund her adoption(s).  The song, "The Best Yes" was written and performed with my husband, and the day they came down from the studio and played me that song was one of the most real moments of my life.  Holding my precious daughter and hearing them sing, "You were the best yes" was almost too much for my little heart to take.

So, go to her blog, read more about her story, and get the EP off iTunes (link is below).  You won't regret it.



Dilan Dilir said...

oh she seems lovely ♥

Anonymous said...

wow. what an amazing woman!

megan james said...

thank you, my sweet mae. to quote, well.. .you... i love your guts.