August 9, 2013

How I have crazy energy... finally! (Part 2- Where the energy comes from!)

Okay.  Yesterday I mentioned how ridiculously tired I have been (for years) and how no amount of “eating right” or “eating clean” was making me feel 100% better.  I was juicing, I was going organic… everything.  And then I read somewhere that in order to get the same nutrition you would find in an apple from 1976, today you would have to eat 12 apples.  Ugh. Well that's not going to happen... So that's when I finally turned to Carolyn and asked her what in the world she had changed in her perfectly organic diet to make her feel so much better.  I listened, I implemented and well today, 3 weeks later, I feel AMAZING- Absolutely, off the wall, clean, clear thinking, wake-up-energized, kind of healthy… all because she introduced me to Isagenix.  Many of you might have heard of this company, but if you haven’t- let me explain.  Isagenix is a solution based system that cleanses the body of toxins and then replenishes you with optimal health and amazing nutrition. The products are all natural, no soy, no GMO, gluten free, just incredible. My friend calls it “God’s food.”  And that’s what it is, FOOD.  It’s not just supplements and teas, it is actual real FOOD that my group is not only feeding their family but trying to get into the hands of orphanages and extremely malnourished villages.  In fact, I’m in a group specifically for parents who use this food with their children with special needs AND many doctors are suggesting it to their patients now.  Formulated by John Anderson, (maker of Bare Minerals) these products are true to their word and as clean as it gets.  I love that when I look on the back of my morning drink I see words that I KNOW like, “Wolfberry, Alfalfa, hibiscus flower, watermelon, kiwi, ginger, etc. etc. etc. “ REAL food.  Real  food.  Just amazing.

So, after listening to her testimonial of having lost 16 pounds in 30 days and feeling the best she EVER HAD, I decided to give it a try. After all, she is the parent to 15 kids (some with special needs), is the executive director of an amazing non-profit, Project Hopeful, (you may have seen her on the Today Show with Jenna Bush a while back) AND moving her entire family to serve at an orphanage in Guatemala. Surely if SHE was feeling amazing energy, I could too. So 3 weeks ago, I started the 30 day cleanse to jump start the program, and while many lose a lot of weight on the program, that is just a fringe benefit to the deep cleanse.  By releasing toxins and drenching your body with raw-real-natural nutrients, your body starts to function as it was INTENDED to- and MY OH MY is that something incredible! I posted this with the following picture on our group’s facebook wall a few days ago:

“I used to wake up exhausted and float through the day with one caffeinated beverage to the next. I could barely muster the energy to just get normal tasks done. 80% of my time playing with my daughter involved activities that required as little energy as possible... Reading books, playing the keyboard, watching a cartoon, etc. Today, almost 3 weeks into Isagenix, my daughter and I went outside and I put her in her stander. (She has CP and doesn't walk or stand on her own.) Then I pushed her while I RAN (!) up and down our long driveway for almost half an hour. She LOVED it! After that we gardened... This may not seem like much, but to us it's a very big deal. As she gets bigger and heavier I'm going to need more and more strength/energy to take care of her. Now I'm headed towards a stronger, healthier, more capable me-  Not to mention, Mama has energy to do the really active fun stuff now!!!!!!!!! Isagenix is such a blessing in our family already!”

I have NEVER in my life felt this good and I can’t IMAGINE what these products could do for Abi too.  I am in a group of 1,000+ parents who are meeting with their children’s nutritionists, doctors, neurologists, pediatricians, etc. and incorporating this FOOD into their children’s diet.  I’ve seen INCREDIBLE things happen through that group. One fellow mom, even had a family call her and say, “We see the same neurologist as you.  He said that whatever you’re doing is helping your child more than he is and that we should talk to you about it.” It’s real folks and I can’t imagine living without it now. I want EVERYONE to experience this.  I already have friends and family who have joined along side me and are gaining energy and shedding pounds like crazy - AND I would LOVE to have you join along side us too! If you’re interested or simply want to know more about the products shoot me an email at and I’ll explain away :)  I really can’t stop talking about it :) In the meantime, watch this video and see if you’re toxic :)


Christine AKA Girl Versus Kitchen said...

ok, i'm super interested. Can you email me more info? My email is in my profile .. thanks mama. keep rockin!!

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I'm super interested!! Please email me at